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Is 22 Years Old To Old To Think About It?

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I have been seriously thinking about joining a club and really learning alot and keep learning and getting better. ive been fishing with one of my dads frinends that placed 16th in 1980 in the bassmaster classic. hes really teaching alot! my wife supports me in anything i deside to do (which is rare! lol). there is ALOT to learn!!! i am very supprised how many things you have to look at. i have fished all my life but never in a tournament or anything. the problem is the guy i fish with isnt able to go sometimes and i dont have a boat of my own. i know you need to be on the water as much as possiable. you can only read so many denny brauer books and pactice fipping an pitching so many times lol!! i could go fish ponds around here but pond fishing where the fish hit anything is completely different from lake fishing!!! like night and day! so what do you guys think i should do? i the kind thats timmed i guess you could say, about joining a club and drawing to fish with someone and the guy hates fishing with "Rookies". So i dont really know what to do.........

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do your research before joining a club. you can find clubs with a lot of great fisherman who arent complete ****** bags. thats one problem with bass fishing, there are a looot of jerks in the tourny circuits that think theyre classic champs yet have never fished any tourny other than the aba, motherload, or anglers choice. so yea, call the club presidents and talk to them, find out as much as you can about that club and its members and then decide accordingly.

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