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Last March I decided to go out with some bright red 1/2 ounce football jigs to a really small pond with no cover. Before I went out I soaked the jigs in BioEdge crawdad scent and had rattles on the jig and had a Lucky strike bright red craw on the back of it and literally caugt a 4.5 pound Largemouth right when I got there

Is there anything I can do to make this bait set up loook even better to a bass? Like putting rattles in the trailer as well?

Well, I have the jig, rattles, and trailer but I dont have the scent (BioEdge crawdad) will this make a big impact????? And would having the trailer float up behind the jig help at all? And will rattles in the craws of the trailer do anything? Also is there a way I can doctor up all my bright red craws/trailers to make them even more attractive with sharpies or die? Do you guys think Clear JJS magic could help the bite?

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I'd get a few other colors and put some Rage behind them! The Red may not be what they want at all.

JJ's should help.

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