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  1. thanks guys. the current is not alot but it will be constant. i have another trollin motor that is 35 lb thrust. would it be a good idea to use both? and how long will a deep cycle battery last me?
  2. i have a 18 ft jon boat and it is about 6 ft wide and i currently do not have a motor but temporailly i am thinking about gettin a 55 lb thrust trolling motor and i was wondering if that would be enough to push it against the current.
  3. well of carse you have a stalker. your chuck norris!
  4. idk it sounds like a good idea anybody wanna meet me in a dark alleyway tommrow?
  5. ok guys thanks for the help i will be sure to try these thing when i go out tommrow morning
  6. well i picked one up and i got soo many bass off of it. But then again i am fishing a lake that is highly populated with shad so idk how well it would work for others. i would try a look alike of a cheaper brand first
  7. I do like the swimming senko but not more than i like the original. So far the swimming senko is great for coverin large area. but theres still nothin like the orgiinal
  8. im also new, i have been on here for about 3 days and i have learned so much. good luck bassin
  9. are yu fishing in a boat? (probably?) if you are i heard that if yu tie just a hook on your line and troll it by itself while letting out all of your line slowly it will untwist it all of the way. I havent tried it yet on account of i dont have a boat, but ive heard that it works really well. Use a barrel swivel when you can
  10. i usually fish the side of the lake that the wind is blowing towards with a spinnerbait and i do really well. the wind pushes in the little bait fish
  11. I would have seriously done something bad. But considering that you have another daughter to raise yu made the better decison. but i kno what it feels like to wanna beat the stuff outta some1. seriously a middle aged guy down the street tried to get a little too friendly with my little sister and i went down the street with a hammer and brok2 of his right knee cap and gave him a few bruises. Of coarse there was no evidence against him so he went free and me being only 16 at the time spent 2 months in juvenile hall.. Talk about craving bass! i spent 2 months playing bass fishing video games
  12. Ronnie, tried the link and it is says the vidoe is no longer available. Funny, I just played the video from the link in your quote and it palys fine. :-? Ronnie The link works fine for me also. must just be there brower
  13. probably here? http://www.bassresource.com/bass_fishing_forums/YaBB.pl?board=species_ID not positive tho.
  14. Alright well i have done it. I found an amzing lake to fish. It has been a little dificult tho. let me descride it and see if yu can help me out: i fish from shore(aint gotta boat) but half way around I am fishing from about a 5ft cliff above the water. The water is the clearest i have ever seen. NO LIE, i cann seen (from a 5-6ft cliff) about 25ft down. Its weird. This is without polarized glasses. Alright this gets better, I have little bass (1-3lbs)swimmin around, and i catch one once in a while.Not bad. My problem is that there are big ol' pigs swimmin in with the little ones, but they wont bite. And its not like its one or two its like 25-30 bass around the edge of the lake! I have put on a leader, and i even went all the way down to 6lbs. I have tried a variety of lures: -SENKOS(dark, medium, light colors) all sizes also - crank baits(lipless also) -fluke -spinner baits -buzz baits -all plastics pretty much - and many other lures I have heard of lettine the little ones play with my lures and not hook them and the bigger ones will pick it up afterwards but that hasnt worked for me either. I dont know what to do PLEASE HELP thanks
  15. congrats man, yu gotta lose the gloves tho so yu can get the legendary scrapes on yer thumb to let everyone know your a bassmaster now. haha nice fish tho.
  16. i got this knot from gary y. he claims it wont fail and i havent had a problem with it yet. uni to uni knot
  17. Id have to say that article helped me out soo much. I didnt use a leader before but i decided to put one on and caught many more bass. This helped alot. what knot do you guys use to attach the leader? i have been using the uni-to-uni knot which isnt bad.
  18. I do think that it is true. You catch big fish on big bait. But part of it is that you are eliminateing the chance of catching medium and small bass. So most of your bass are goin to be big. But you also catch bigger bass. But i go for size not quanity anyway.
  19. so its alot better than powerpro? does it fray at all? thats usually my biggest problem. i cast into some trees some times.. i am still working on castin into tight spots
  20. I was wondering how well the powerpro works? i have heard all good things about it but i am still not sure but i was wondering what everyone else thought.. Thanks
  21. Anyone know what line to use if you are fishing areas with alot of seaweed gunk and lots of pussywillow on the water? i hate cleaning my line off after everycast.. ugghhh aggravating
  22. alright thanks for the help guys Just what i was looking for. i DO love SENKOS
  23. Anyone know where you can buy like a senko variety pack? I just want to expirement with different colors without having to by like 10 of each color. Senko look alikes are alright too, i guess
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