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  1. Inspiring. Awesome, SK. Catches like that elevate the sport, (LOVED the **release** picture.) draw interest to the parks and waterways, which we all benefit from. Attracting people to bass fishing makes people more conscious of conservation, revealing the waters to be living ecosystems, not just lifeless racetracks for personal watercraft or something to sit next to while working on the tan. Checked in this morning, and I can confirm that bass are indeed not on the endangered species list. Congratulations on such a fine fish! If I had caught it, (and I plan to.) I probably would have taken out a full-page ad in the Wall-Street Journal, called Rapala about an endorsement deal, and started wearing tournament jerseys to church. Taking my son out to the upper lake this morning in our little 10' suitcase boat. Again, congrats on being a great example of responsible angling, and, frankly, astonishing restraint. -- JP
  2. Thanks so much. Yep, I definitely would love one of those $2000 jobbies with GPS (btw, anybody know where I can get an inexpensive handheld GPS?), color display, etc., but it looks like the basics are pretty much the same technology, and can increase the fun factor. And it's all about the fun factor. Especially for my 14 y.o. bait monkey. (Funny: bait monkey, McDonald's cheeseburger monkey, expensive athletic shoes monkey all seem top be the same guy. Hmmm.) Thanks very much for the input. Really helps out.
  3. Thank you. Actually tried something interesting out yesterday. We bought one of those Humminbird Smartcast jobbies that you tie on like a lure and toss it out to where you want to check depth/temp/fish. Transponder looks like a little green submarine. But I'm conflicted over the thing, so far. First, it seems somewhat useful. Considering what most people pay for fish/depth finders, $80 plus tax seems pretty decent. And we used it on Castaic yesterday and it, I think, was useful. I say "I think" because it seemed pretty consistent about readings and most of the info was more or less observationally verifyable, plus, it caused me to abandon an area that looked 'perfect' but which registered absolutely no fish and we went to an area where we hauled in two nice ones. "I think" it helped me make the decision to do that, and if it wasn't just a random thing based on false readings, it paid off. But it's not very durable. At least I don't think so. It failed after about an hour in the water and 30-40 casts, but the storem took it back so I'm going to give it another try. Worst-case, I return it again. I have to say though, if it works out, it's pretty dang convenient to eyeball a patch of water, decide it looks pretty, and toss the bouy 50 feet straight to it without moving the boat and get instand depth, temp, contour. The display leaves a lot to be desired, though. It's about the size of most of the avatars on this forum, and very low rez. But as was said, it's how you use the basic info, maybe not the super-detail of the screen. Heck, my cell-phone has WAY more detail. Then again, it cost WAY more. I sure like being able to carry both the transponder and the display in my shirt pocket, though. I'm kinda looking at the Garmin 140, too. Think I could make that more or less portable with some minor modifications.
  4. Morning, I'm curious about the actual effectiveness of fishfinders. I mean, you watch the water, the shoreline, actually even see fish themselves sometimes, but it seems to me that mostly you learn to know where fish tend to be and fish those spots to cover the water and locate that first bite and then work it. But for the more experienced than I, is there a real, measurable benefit to having a fishfinder? I can certainly see that you could avoid wasting enormous amounts of time in places that look great but don't have any fish within miles, but is that an accurate expectation, or is this the Bait Monkey's cousin, the Expensive Electronics Monkey talking to me?...
  5. Lol, yeah. No wonder my shirts fit tight. I got a monkey on my back!
  6. Hi Cap'n, all: I'd be interested in anything you know about either Castaic location also. We're more accustomed to FL fishing, so any tips you or anyone else might have would definitely be appreciated. Thanks much, JP
  7. Hi oldschool, What's the entry/launch fee there? Thanks, JP
  8. Oh man. Well, this isn't exactly what I thought my first post would be. I'm distraught after reading all this stuff. You see, up until I read this thread, I thought all of my buying decisions were sober, well informed, rational purchases based upon need-based analysis of my and my son's skill-levels and sophisticated strategy. Uh-uh. It's been the Bait Monkey all along. Ironically, I think the Bait Monkey looks a lot like a 14 year old boy running around Bass Pro with armfulls of soft plastics, spastically chattering about how he saw VanDam using this, Elias using that, interspersing the terms 'huge swamp donkey' and 'man-bear-pig' in every other sentence. I am such a sucker. Oh my lord. I just realized that a week ago, I paid $6.99 for a huge plastic worm. On the same shopping trip, I bought my second set of Banjo minnows... (sigh) What kills me though, is that same 14 year old kid/monkey transforms into Mike Iconelli every time he lands even a 1lb-er, and has kissed every fish, EVERY fish, he has ever caught. Like any monkey, very entertaining. Ironically, the Bait Monkey is the reason I found this place. I was researching the **** thingamabob, googled it, found the EXTREMELY illuminating discussion on it, and put my Amex card back in my wallet. Apparently, others here know the Bait Monkey well. Hello. My name is James, and I'm a baitaholic. Even more ironically, my son caught a 2lb, 13oz spot on a wacky-rigged Roboworm that he FOUND ON THE BANK of Lake Castaic yesterday... Argh.
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