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  1. aavery2's post in What Are Some Good Lures For Pitching was marked as the answer   
    In my mind pitching is a style of casting and not a technique.  You can literally pitch any bait. 
  2. aavery2's post in Ceramic Bearings For Spinning Reel was marked as the answer   
    If I can replace a bushing with a bearing I usually do it.   Spinning reels because of their design do not benefit from ceramic hybrid bearings  the same way that casting reels do.  Primarily because the spool does not spin and develop the high speeds during the cast like the casting reel.  One reason for upgrading to ceramics would be if you have a bad bearing and it needs replaced, but even then unless corrosion is an issue a good quality SS bearing is more than adequate. 
    If you want your reel to perform at its full potential, send it to a pro for a good cleaning, you will like the difference it makes.
  3. aavery2's post in Help With Drag On Baitcaster?? was marked as the answer   
    They work together to help control spool speed.
  4. aavery2's post in Frog Fishing? was marked as the answer   
    Search for Alberto knot, or Double Uni knot.
  5. aavery2's post in Help Curado E was marked as the answer   
    Remove the handle, the dragstar will come off once the handle is removed and you should be able to see the drag nut exposed now. Apply some penetrating oil to help loosen the nut if it has rust and corrosion. Find a wrench or deep well socket and ratchet, something that will allow you to apply more leverage and carefully loosen the nut. Don't apply too much pressure as you could damage the anti reverse bearing, or other internal components, be patient and let the penetrating oil do its job.
  6. aavery2's post in Which Would You Use? was marked as the answer   
    I love fishing, and I love reading about fishing, but one thing I have learned is that sometimes what the Pro's recommend might not be a good fit for me.   Many people can give you the text book answer to your question,and support that with lots of great reasons why it should work, but sometimes it just don't.   Use what makes you happy, and is comfortable to you, there are no hardset rules about what rod or reel to use for what.    I think you have a great selection of rods and reels, and you should be able to handle most any technique with what you have, use what feels good to you and don't worry about what is suppose to be right or better.    Fishing is supppose to be fun, not weighted down with heavy questions and wondering how you will be able to afford that new rod or reel.
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