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  1. aavery2


  2. I'm sorry but I thought the point of a forum was to share and discuss information back and forth. Do you consider this off topic for some reason? I'm confused.....
  3. That dude has been on a roll. He is fishing as good as anyone out there and it would not surprise me at all to see him do well in the classic.
  4. BPS reels are manufactured by a company named DAWON in South Korea. http://www.dawonengco.com/eng/html/company_1.php
  5. Not sure who makes the Tournament series rods for GM, the Elite series is a *** product.
  6. In my mind pitching is a style of casting and not a technique. You can literally pitch any bait.
  7. You might want to try it the other way, just for the fun of it.
  8. Rate of fall is certainly one thing that attracts bass and can trigger strikes, but bass don't always take the jig on the fall. When they prefer the bait on the bottom, being drug back to the boat, it is important to use a jig head heavy enough to maintain bottom contact and one that will transmit enough vibration so you can feel the bait coming into contact with rock, wood, grass and other cover. I usually try to use the lightest jig that I can still maintain a bottom contact with and get that good feedback from the jig.
  9. XT is a magnesium frame and aluminum side plates same as the new Supreme and Supreme MGX. The XT uses an upgraded drag system, titanium main shaft and uses carbon fiber in the handle design. I believe the new Supreme is mostly cosmetic upgrades to the previous version MGX, the reason for the same pricing.
  10. I have an extra Snickers Bar laying around here that I'm not using, never mind.....
  11. Those turned out really nice. Good Job!
  12. I'm just curious but with all of the reels available, how did you narrow it down to these two?
  13. I'm trying to understand your logic. So bumping into someone's boat, deserves more of a penalty than jumping out of your own boat and into the boat of a competitor and attacking him? Before you respond, think about who actually went to jail for their part in the event.
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