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  1. Interesting. This Fins line looks great. I'll take a look at it, thanks for the suggestion.
  2. It appears that 8 strand is now all the rage. I'm looking at Daiwa J Braid, specifically.
  3. It's been a while since I've bought any braid. I see things have changed a bit in the last 10 + years. It use to be that Samurai was the top braid. WHo holds the title now?
  4. Nice. Bait Monkey. There's a term I've not heard in ages. I think Russ came up with that one. He should be getting royalties.
  5. I'm with you. I see these boats with four or five 16" monitors at the helm and the front deck and realize that's $15k plus just in monitors. I'm happy with the 9" and 7" I have on my boat.
  6. Carpet arrived yesterday. That was fast! Looking forward to tackling this little project over the weekend. I've not opened up the package to confirm a color match.
  7. For the weekend warrior, I don't see it making sense. I do wish I had a better hole shot in my boat, but she's a big heavy girl so there's that...
  8. So I have several 1-gallon zip lock bags for my plastics in a compartment in my boat. I have some of my plastics in sleeves, inside zip pouches that hold several sleeves. Are there any other storage/organizing systems for a boat compartment that makes a bag storage easy to organize for quick-grab plastics?
  9. This company ended up in my feed recently. Anyone try one yet? I hardly get out, so it makes zero sense to spend $5k on a propellor personally.
  10. So I called Ranger parts. I should have done this from the get-go... The color of my carpet is not charcoal. It is Ash, Platinum 2, and is also not 20 oz it's 24 oz. I ended up paying less than what I was going to pay for the inferior carpet from Amazon. Should be here in a couple of weeks. I would have been fine with the carpet I was going to get from Amazon, but everything happens for a reason I suppose.
  11. well. Today I received notification that my order was cancelled. Thanks, Amazon!
  12. Niners. Maybe this time, we'll actually win.
  13. After 10 years they need to be replaced. I found out the hard way. No one would fill my propane tank a few months ago when I needed it for a bbq. It had been a while since I used my gas grill since I was mostly using my BGE.
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