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  1. 2004 Boston Red Soxs is all I can remember coming back 3 - 0 in professional sports.
  2. I definitely fall into a rut of throwing a bait over and over because it produced on a recent trip. I can also say with confidence that I could fish for the next 10 years without purchasing any tackle, maybe longer. Wacky rig, fluke, Shakyhead and spinnerbait is responsible for 98.3 % of the fish I've caught this year.
  3. Yes it's true. Had a relatively nice bass wrap in submerged timber. Sat there and tried to wait it out in hopes it freed itself. The water was very clear and could see down where the fish layed upsidedown motionless pinned to the tree, probably 10 feet in depth. I broke off and that didn't help so I grabbed the anchor and dropped it vertically into the tree and gave it a big heave and actually was able to break the limb the fish was pinned to. Unhooked the fish and he darted off like nobody's business. I'm betting that fish won't hit a worm the rest of the year. 😅 Good outcome though.
  4. I spend a week every year on a lake similar to that lake " steep drops " except much deeper. I've had great success with a wacky rigged finesse worm on a 1/16 head. The idea is the bait with it's slow decent fluttering in the strike zone for a longer period induces a lot of bites. Not directly in the grass but just off the edge.
  5. Growing up in a small town in the 70's we all had muscle cars with headers, Holly carburators, high rise intakes, jacked up with Crager's. We raced every Friday and Saturday night...... and we were always broke. Lol My first was 1970 Nova SS with a 350 that really ran and seldom lost to another small block, vs big blocks was another story. My last performance car and the worst vehicle I've ever owned was an Eagle Talon. It had an interference engine which relies on the timing belt so if the timing belt goes so does the engine, that's what happened. Then I got into off-road and built up Jeep TJ's just to tear them up, another money pit. Still have the Jeep but seldom drive it.
  6. I try to stick with Owner and Gamakatsu but surprised with the variations between bait specific hooks and thin wire vs heavy, screw lock vs EWG.......it does get confusing.
  7. If you're sure you do didn't spray your tackle box, that's some serious OCD going on. 😂
  8. As I was fishing this morning with my 1st cousin, he was quizzing me with questions after he caught a respectable fish. If you were fighting a giant Bass would you have more confidence in landing it on a spinning setup or baitcaster ? I quickly responded - baitcaster due to the drag, smoother. Most of my bigger fish have come on casting gear. What are your thoughts ?
  9. Got on the water early and got off before the heat wave could damage brain cells. My cousin caught a few nice ones on a chatterbait. I could only manage small ones on a Bass assassin in grass. Blue bird skies, water temp 81*.
  10. I was an old school power fisherman before joining this forum, jig & pig mainly. As I became educated here with finesse fishing and the many threads regarding leaders I found holy grail with rod length leaders. I fish very clear water and it works....,. it's non negotiable and non debatable 😂
  11. Forward facing sonar I agree that bass can't resist a worm regardless of mouth wounds. I also agree that the whopper plopper is out dated..... bass laugh at them now.
  12. Bird


    Amazing display of bass fishing.
  13. To get to the most productive looking area in the entire lake, coming in stealth mode to prevent spooking, only to send a cast WAY off target and hang miserably....... blowing up the whole area. It's me that drives me bonkers 😅
  14. If they fail again you can always root for the Texans.
  15. I use #2 off set hook with 1/8 tungsten bullet weight with bobber stops. It's actually called the Mojo rig and extremely effective in grass. Many fisherman use cylinder weights, slides through grass better but I have a surplus of bullet weights so that's that.
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