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  1. Never heard the term " search bait " until I joined this forum and have heard it several times lately. Trying to wrap my head around what bait deserves this title. All the baits I cast are searching for bites so after a fish is caught is it still searching ? or has it completed it's task and time to move on to other baits. Please elaborate.
  2. We have to keep evolving because bass fishing has become more popular than NFL football. Personality it's been the opposite. Throwing more 1/16 - 1/8 oz baits, smaller profiles, lighter line then ever before.
  3. They are maintenance free, a tad lighter and have a slightly longer service life than lead acid. Lithium is the way to go if you can swing it. Imo
  4. This is sad and really hate to hear that fish may suffer. Didn't you catch a 13lb fish from this pond? What's the chances of moving fish before the summer heat ? Throwing a net ?
  5. Isn't there enough water to hold the fish until a repair can be made ?
  6. Overseas means you'll be going through customs, not good. We just got home this past Sunday from St. Lucia and they confiscated a really nice bottle of Rum and the wife's bottle of perfume. You may or may not be ok, it's hit or miss depending on the employees interest in C02 cylinders.......in my case, they like Rum.
  7. Use to throw Carolina Rig years ago but never tried the more finesse approach, Mojo. 1/8 tungsten 1/0 hook and bobber stops using 4 1/2 " Roboworms" Aaron's magic " Thought today would be the ideal day with cold front and bluebird skies. The wind made it a little tough to detect bites but the rig produced. If I had a single complaint, all the bass were juvenile with one large bluegill. I'll be throwing it again.
  8. So my sister calls me and asks if I could help her, as I often do with various projects. She wants a satellite dish removed from her roof. I said I'll be out after I swing by TS and grab a spare tire for the boat. Then she drops this question on me. " Have you ever had to change a tire in the middle of a lake ? It doesn't sound like fun " 😳 I replied " not yet thankfully "
  9. When I'm Solo it's much easier to step into the water while loading the boat. It's easier to manipulate the boat with less weight on the bunks. I center the boat, latch both cables and pull out. Watch boaters all the time at the ramp climbing over the bow and doing the tight rope walk across the trailer tounge. I wear knee high waders in the winter and shorts and water shoes the rest.
  10. Are you say'n we should have been " Rolling stones" for live bait ? 😁
  11. The water I fish is extremely clear and can easily see bed fish.....I avoid those fish. But if you're asking what might catch them, aggressively worked Jerkbaits, zoom flukes.
  12. For some reason the map on my profile has me located in central VA, not even close. LoL I'm in the western part of Shenandoah county along the WV line. I'm betting that's still to far for you to come trap them. 😂
  13. My cousin and I headed to the 7 acre farm pond this morning for some Crappie fishing, something we do every spring. When we arrived the farmer " 2nd cousin " said be on the lookout for otters. He'd already shot 1 and said there were more. Let me tell you that these critters can clean up a pond of it's resources......the fish. Last year at the same time it was fish after fish on Beatle spins and Crappie jigs. Today was like fishing the dead sea with only a handful of fish. These predators must have an appetite. Our game plan is to eliminate the otters and restock but that'll put me close to 70 before I'll enjoy great crappie fishing in this pond. 😳
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