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  1. I've been chewing tobacco for exactly 52 years and have never lost a tooth......lead can't touch this 😂. Seriously though, these labels are just like the news media, add drama and increase fear. Don't worry be happy.
  2. Bird

    New Member

    Welcome to Bass resources
  3. I use an Onyx M-24, the M stands for manual operation and wear it year around. I got the wife the MA-24 ( manual / auto ) And keep hers on auto. I can't fish with the old school puffed up vests. 😃
  4. I'm in a pretty good rut myself as I've been tying the Palomar knot for 50 years. Braid to leader I've only ever used the Alberto. If it ain't broke I don't try to fix it. 😃
  5. Will be following this. Wife and I are off to Maine in July for our 1st visit, Bar harbor is our 1st stop and came highly recommended.
  6. Surprised your research didn't lead you to the Shimano SLX , fantastic reel for $100.
  7. Wind is and always will be my #1 consideration when planning a trip..... less is best for this guy and way to many reasons to list as to why I don't like fishing in wind.
  8. Hope it gets extinguished and nobody harmed. We're under a high wind alert.
  9. It's really about water temps but flowers are pretty. I'm heading out Monday hoping for at least 50* water temps.
  10. Jigs - Jerkbaits - Spinnerbaits - Square bills - T-rig Zoom lizards.
  11. Rapala filet board keeps fingers out of the way but wife cleans all the fish. All I do is kill them because the wife hates an acrobatic fish with a knife in her hand 😂
  12. Easiest way I've found to lower the MP'S To make the pic exceptable for this site. Take the pic on your phone at a slight distance then hit the photo, click edit and crop to enlarge the pic with your fingers...... works every time on Android.
  13. Sounds like a Carolina rig where the swivel never enters a guide. But as far as braid to flouro leader, I've only used an Alberto knot, never tried anything else. My flouro leaders are almost always 6-7ft long and pass through the guides very well.
  14. Interesting boat, haven't seen one quite like. Enjoy it and be safe.
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