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  1. Crankin4Bass's post in Travel rods or check rod tube was marked as the answer   
    After hearing horror stories, I don't trust checking in a rod tube, so I have a couple multi piece travel rods that fit in the overhead bin.
    I have a Daiwa Ardito 3 piece 7'M casting rod. Fit and finish is great and comes with a hard tube case you can put in the overhead. Although it's listed as M power, it feels closer to MH and is rated for 1/4-3/4. I'm pretty happy with it and will probably buy the 7'M spinning rod too.
    I also have a Field and Stream Tec-Lite  4 piece 6'6"ML spinning rod I got from Dicks for $60. It comes with a hard tube that fits in my check in suitcase or overhead bin. Although it rated as ML it feels more like a L. I don't recommend this rod for bass as it doesn't have much power to set the hook. I have used it for trout instead, but I'm sure there are better choices. 
    Daiwa has a lot of travel rods you might want to check out.
    I randomly had this in my youtube feed the other day from Daiwa Australia on how to pack rods for travel. Must have be for you @Mr. Aquarium
    Safe travels.
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