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Community Answers

  1. Sorry for your loss. My condolences to you and his family.
  2. They have the NHS, so basic gear is covered. JDM is out of pocket.
  3. You can get a prescription to go fishing in the UK! https://www.instagram.com/reel/C0SrzbRry7G/?igshid=ZWI2YzEzYmMxYg==
  4. Alternate between 1) Panasonic electric 3 blade razor 2) Gillette Mach 3 3) Merkur mk34c with a Feather Japanese double edge blade
  5. Why not just get another ML XF Victory rod? You already like the one you have.
  6. I would just get a medium casting rod. I used to live in MA. When bank fishing, I liked to only carry one 6’6” spinning or casting rod. I was always walking through lots of trees around all the small ponds and lakes in MA so less gear was better. Spinning seemed to work better mostly because I was fishing from small gaps between all the trees when walking around ponds. Mostly fished wacky or Texas rigs with a 5” senko with this rod. Sometimes I would fish small topwaters or flukes too. I also fished from a kayak and would also carry both med casting and spinning rods and fish texas rig or small jigs with the casting rod. Over the years I bought lots of other rods but mostly used those two. I had a medium heavy casting rod for bigger jigs and a heavy casting rod for frogs but rarely used those as the fish just are not as big in MA as these other guys have in the south. Also had several crankbait casting rods, but eventually didn’t use those as much cause places I fished had lots of weeds and I didn’t have a boat. Lots of good trout fishing too, so get a light or medium light spinning rod too. good luck and welcome to BassResource!
  7. Thanks everyone for all the suggestions! Unfortunately I don’t have a boat. Had a kayak in MA and had lots of ponds near me to fish. Left the kayak with a friend back there so I’ll be bank fishing for now. I appreciate all the help!
  8. Moved out here from the east coast. Any place to catch bass around here? 😂
  9. You got a good deal! That will work well. I also tried the leashes and found them to be cumbersome. PS: Don't use the rod holders behind the seat on the perception sound. The holes are too big and it's easy for a rod to fall out of them. Don't ask how I know. Perception makes this rod holder to jam in there. https://www.perceptionkayaks.com/us/rod-x-pro-fishing-rod-holder This design doesn't make much sense to me. I wish they had just put in normal rod holders like you have on the Pelican and every other kayak. If you want to take multiple rods you can just get a crate and add a multi rod holder like this with some zip ties: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Ozark-Trail-3-Position-Marine-Rod-Holder-White/812534809?athbdg=L1600&from=/search Perception also offers this ram ball style mount base for those screw in holes on the front cockpit for other accessories. https://www.perceptionkayaks.com/us/solo-mount-base-15 Enjoy!
  10. When I started fishing for bass, I tried them on a 1/8 shakey head and caught a bunch of fish. Probably not what they were designed for, but I figured it would work.
  11. I use a Simms sling bag that is discontinued. Here is a comparable one from Orvis. https://www.orvis.com/orvis-sling-pack/25FR-Family.html
  12. Welcome to the forum Greg. I’ve had this happen with a stradic and other shimano spinning reels. I retuned the first one and had the same sound on the next one too. Someone suggested putting a drop of oil on the spool shaft. I removed the spool and put a drop of oil on the spool shaft, put it back together and that took care of the wooshing sound.
  13. Same. I prefer the VBS brakes on my Chronarch 200e7 and Calcutta 200d. They really are set and forget for me. In fact you have use a screwdriver to open the Calcutta 200d to access the brakes. I always have both reals set to 3 brakes on.
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