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  1. ok....so, we take out the boat for the first time and the anchor works fine. yesterday, we take boat into cabelas and they add a 3 in 1 cone and then update the software. Take the boat out this morning and anchor mode doesnt do anything. It just beeps 3 times and nothing. I tried calibrating and it wont calibrate. I tried using the remote and the remote only turns the motor but the speed and anchor do not work...lol Using the pedal it does turn normal and speeds work fine. Anyone run into this before? You think this is a software issue maybe?
  2. Hola, So we took my dads new bass tracker classic out yesterday and the active target on the HDS live 12 was not working. Bass pro is still waiting for the 3 to 1 cone for the lowarance ghost to come in so it does not have the 3 to 1 yet. Does active target need the 3 to 1 cone in order to work or should it be working without it? Thanks!
  3. Well, he ended up getting the quick release....I would of went with the boat cover but ya...lol.
  4. holy crap! ya, that wouldn't be any good...lol I will let him know. Just wanted to update everyone in case anyone runs into this situation. My dad was told by the Tracker mechanics here that they CAN install the ulterra on the classic tracker XL. They basically said they would pull the old one, fill the mount holes from the old one and put on the new bracket for the ulterra. He is pretty happy about it. He is also getting a Lowrance HDS 9 Live for the front of the boat. I was making fun of him cause the accessories is like 1/2 the price of his boat..lol Side note: The boat cover that comes with the tracker does NOT fit with the ulterra. So, we have to get that figured out now!
  5. lol right? Ya, this is for my pops....he sold his old boat and now he bought a tracker classic and he really wants the ulterra regardless of price....pretty sure mainly for the auto deploy. He is gonna call minn kota tomorrow and check but not seeing vids on youtube makes me think its not possible....all the vids are guys installing a Terrova...which I personally like. But, you have to figure if those guys could put on an ulterra they would? Guess we'll see!
  6. Does anyone know if the minn kota ulterra fit on a tracker classic xl? I cant find any videos or anything on it. I see a lot of the Terrovas but thats it
  7. Thats where I am at right now....I'll believe it when it happens lol Crossing my fingers. I have been driving for roughly 22 years. I am not willing to go the owner operator route due to working for owner operators 90% of my career. I've seen the ups and downs and I am fine being a company driver
  8. Marine 97-01 Rank: SGT (e-5) Stationed: MWSS 171 Iwakuni, Japan.........3rd LAR 29 Palms, CA
  9. oh..lol....I apprciate it. Ya, this is unreal and unreal timing.
  10. lol...I have a bachelors in computer networking and communications and a masters in informations system mangement.....AND....now I'm a truck driver so go figure lol. hahaha...I just want the Ranger
  11. holy crap...you are 100% correct. I just got off a couple phone calls with my loan servicer and its not fake. I was told it could take up to Jan 2024 until I get my refunds and everything is removed from my credit......Still trying to process this to be honest lol... Ummm, this will be my first boat OWNED personally but I've used my dads boat for years and he sold his so I am not new to them.
  12. The email is U.S. Department of Education <noreply@studentaid.gov> LOL...right?
  13. Ok...this cant be a coincidence LOLLLLLL. I'm gonna look into this more but I just received an email from department of education. Apparently my school (devry university) was on a list of 150 schools that have had a class action lawsuit open for years and it just finished? Here is part of the email: You are receiving this letter because you are a member of the class of federal student loan borrowers covered by the recent settlement of the Sweet v. Cardona Pursuant to the Sweet settlement, the Department of Education will do the following: discharge your federal student loan(s) taken out for your enrollment in the DeVry University ("Relevant Federal Student Loan(s)"); provide a refund for any payments made to the Department of Education on your Relevant Federal Student Loan(s), including Relevant Federal Student Loan debt that you previously paid off; and delete the credit report tradeline associated with the discharged loan(s). The discharge of your Relevant Federal Student Loan(s) means that you will no longer owe the debt. You also may receive a refund for prior payments made to the Department on your discharged loan(s) related to DeVry University. lol....this cant be real? no way.
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