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  1. 65-70 should be peak spawn. That's certainly warmer than I have seen it on the chilly pond I fish most.
  2. And the water temp is just too cold for fish that still follow that theory
  3. Interesting. I've always read that it was temp that was the driving factor... Thanks!
  4. Did you happen to get a temperature reading at the Charles? It might have had a smidge of impact on the timing...
  5. A couple more SMB before the swimmers crashed the party Water was just under 58 degrees so the long pre-spawn continues...
  6. This spring has just been one set back after another...
  7. Another suburban friday morning... Beat the rush hour traffic and was on the water by 7:00. Chill and overcast with a breeze. Water temp was had fallen back to 56 degrees.
  8. A 4" bass streamer fly bumping the rocks in 20' of water...
  9. T-storms before dawn delayed my start but I finally connected with a few more SMB today. Water was 57 degrees, air was around 50 and it was blowing...
  10. I hit the west suburban pond yesterday. Bluebird indeed! One long follow from a LMB observed in the clear water but no contact. water temps started 52 going to 54. I did get this other brown fish...
  11. I fished a west suburban pond today. Temps started around 52 and got to 55 by 3:00. I had a fair amount of activity with little to show for it. Saw some sizeable LMB following, making passes or nibbling the fly but it was very hard to seal the deal. Got two smallish clone SMB: Then this guy... But the larger SMB/LMB just didn't seem settled enough to really eat. But it is good to get on the scoreboard for the year and prove that the new boat can catch fish...
  12. Water sure is taking it's sweet time warming up... We have a couple more warms days on tap let's cross our fingers...
  13. Or ban the chemical fertilizers to take the choice out of hands of the irresponsible.
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