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  1. I guess it's not unusual for newbies like myself to get tired of asking questions all the time and want to try to contribute somehow . It makes it difficult to think about doing this when it's brought to light by more experienced members that your contribution is stupid . I'll continue to try to learn as much as possible here but , for now , I've learned at least one important lesson . Thanks for the help in the past and thanks in advance for the help in the future .
  2. Guess that would be the smart thing to do . Sorry for wasting yall's time . I'll try not to let it happen again .
  3. This may be old news but , if you're on a new fishery and want to know which banks will be shaded at a specific time of day , there's an app called Photoephemeris that will tell you the exact angle of the sun at any time of day - any time of year - and any location world wide . It's free but you have to sign up with your email address . Just another tool that may help ??
  4. Short answer . Yes . But , if you don't heed @bulldog1935 advice , be prepared for a bit of a learning curve . Once you've spent some time with a good baitcasting reel , you'll understand why they're still used by most every fisherman you meet . Just don't try to chunk your lure into the next zip code when you're starting out
  5. Thanks Mike . I did some searching and found the site . Thanks Mick . As I mentioned in the above reply , I did some searching and found the site .
  6. I would be very interested in the Fuji info on Static Load Testing . I went to the fujitackle site and could not find a menu button . Typed Static Load Testing in the search bar and got no results . Could you point me to the correct site ? Thanks . Please disregard this . I found the site .
  7. Nope , no brakes on the trailer . I went through the same thing you did looking for small trailers with brakes . I did find that you can put on aftermarket brakes from Etrailer but decided against this . I ended up with a G3 1610 Sportsman with a 50 HP Yamaha . With a full tank of gas it is within 50 pounds of my Subaru's rating . With the exception of the transom mounted Lowrance , I have been very pleased with the rig .
  8. I was in the same situation . I have a Subaru Outback 3.6 rated for 1700# / 3000# with brakes , I couldn't afford the boat and the tow vehicle both so I downsized on the boat. Glad you're able to do both . We have a friend who can tow heck and half of Georgia with her Chevy diesel SUV .
  9. What Ski describes above is , I believe , called a Fish-n-Fool knot . What DaubsNU1 describes is what I have been calling an "Improved Trilene knot" because the difference is the same as between a clinch knot and an improved clinch knot . Lubricated and snugged down properly either Ski's or DaubsNU1's knot should be secure . There's an informative list of knot strengths with different line types at https://www.knotsforfishing.com/knot-strength-chart/ . They do not list DaubsNU1's knot but I would think it would be slightly more secure than the standard Trilene knot .
  10. Hello . Welcome to BR .
  11. Like it ? No . Man , I'm just thankful I can still mow
  12. Cherish the memories . You are fortunate to have had him in your life . What would he want you to do now ?
  13. Hello and welcome . I understand what you're talking about when you mention the insane rise in reloading cost . I hope your choice to get back into fishing is as rewarding to you as it has been for me .
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