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    Hi New here

    I feel you on that. Definitely enjoying the fishing. As far as the rig goes I will probably game again but right now I just don't want to
  2. _JJM

    Hi New here

    Ummm heck no!! Do you know how addictive Tetris is? I mean you want me to give up fishing and hang out in my Basement till 2 in the morning waiting for the next drop? 😂
  3. That's worse... I would hate to see better I know my reels are amazing with modern braid
  4. I have never fly fished but that bass must have been an amazing fight.
  5. Lol. I usually fish alone so, while am not too concerned about someone walking off with some gear, it's a public place so, it's a one trip for me.
  6. I want to use them. I have no desire to just display them
  7. I get folks collecting, but for me the joy is in using it.
  8. Just down, but it's fine. I want to keep my foot print down. I am already dragging 5 rods, a portable swivel seat, plano 3700 tackle bag, and sculling paddle already. I don't want to get to the point I have to make two trips from my car to the rented Jon boat
  9. I think people forget how important balance is to the overall feel of a spinning rod and reel. Bait casters don't care, for them it's all about total weight because a majority of the mass is in front of their hand.. My old reels with the right rod is almost perfectly balanced in the middle of my hand while holding the rod. Overall weight isn't as important
  10. Got two, they sit too low, it's hard to keep my finger on the line
  11. Thanks I will check it out Honestly for me at least there really isn't. I have modern reels, and I honestly dislike bait casters. I know I am odd . All my modern reels are spinning or underspins
  12. I link it to my phone which is in a waterproof float bag around my neck, that was a 'must' purchase after nearly dropping the thing :). I do have to take one hand off the rod to see, I do that between casts so it is fine. (so/di?) I have my phone in a waterproof float bag and I want to keep my equipment footprint down, both my hands and my shoulder are already full 😛
  13. I have 7 and the company I work for owns them. Chatterbait should have increased their claim to include any blade shape that would provide that action in the water, although there may have been office action push back from the USPTO. Plus that would be relatively hard to describe in precise language. Anyway, hindsight sight is 20/20 "shrug" But I agree with everything you are saying, an individual should sell their ideas to a company
  14. Hi I am older and grew up using a Shakespeare 1810 reel. Over the years I have tried different reel types but I still go back to that type I grew up with. Funny thing is I now own about a half dozen different models from not only Shakespeare but South Bend too. Note I am not a collector, I fish these reels. As far as why? One thing set up right they are perfectly balanced and the line naturally lays across your finger so you can feel everything that your bait does. They never backlash and you can cast into the wind without issue. But all that is probably rationalization, I just like fishing them. If I could get new new version of these reels I would, some I am using were manufactured in the 1950s although they are holding up strong. Plus if you watch you can get them on eBay cheap. I just picked up numbers 6 and 7 for less than $20 including shipping. The hard part is getting rods that will work with the reels oddly enough. Vintage rods scare me a bit, I have three, but while glass doesn't fatigue, the 60 year old resin systems do. I have retired them and have started buying new spinning rods and replacing the grips. Plus you can't get a medium or medium heavy that fit. I just finished my 3rd and have three more coming in to work over the winter. I have to say that its been gratifying to catch fish on my modified rods and old reels. Below are excerts from some of the old manuals and picture of my gear if I can make it small enough (Mods how about increasing the picture size limit? Everyone's cells have good cameras now). Oh I replaced the bad handles, the 50s era ones have bakelite that falls apart of you look at it wrong
  15. Seems viable, but it is a lot of stuff, granted you do have a better system. My Garmin and pinch clamp fit in my tackle's side pocket and I have my phone anyway
  16. Yes I am going to be bank fishing soon I am looking forward to using it for that.
  17. Language is important in how your patent is worded and how complete it is in the claims. I am not going to get into "Garden Stoning" or other IP protection techniques. And yes absolutely, especially with all the changes in patent law lately. I think there's an amendment being attached to the defense budget package that modifies things again. Point is have some IP protection in place before going public. An inventor is going to have to talk to a manufacturer in today's world. Starting up your own company for a lure design is a non starter I think, the resources needed to defend the IP is not something a startup can't afford. Cheers
  18. I was looking at that one too, but I liked the reviews for the Garmin Android app better. Either one is cool though
  19. _JJM

    MD Bass Clubs

    I live north of Baltimore, so this might be a hike for you. But the Loch Raven fishing center rents boats. From kayaks to mini Bass boats. I normally get a Jon with a trolling motor for $36 all day. Note they close at the end of this month till April ( Noooooo!) Fishing isn't bad, and it's nice just to get out there. As far as boats I am seriously considering one of the new big inflatables from Sea eagle (16 foot bass skiff), but the $3k it would cost to get it outfitted and in the water is about 80 rentals. I am cheap and it's a tough pill to swallow.
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