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  1. No problem. They’re good people. They’re actually doing a grand reopening this weekend. They’re expanding floor space so they’ll have some sales going on. Be on the look out 👀
  2. Lucky for you they’ve released some Gills, Shads and Bellows Sticks in elastomer plastic. I don’t mind paying the price. They do, I believe all their plastics have the same scent. Don’t quote me on that tho lol. So my local shop, Copper State Tackle got some in stock. Check their website out. They only had 2 colors available at the time.
  3. Been on a Geecrack kick lately. Finally got my hands on some cue bombs.
  4. Anyone have experience with the Ark Tharp One Eyed Jack? I’ve been wondering if the Expride 6’10 is really worth double the price. I also have never used the Arks and been curious.
  5. I think you’ll be happy, I have one that I use for cranks and Jerkbaits and it casts them so well.
  6. Can anyone break down comparisons from personal experience? I have an SLX MGL 70 and love it. Wondering how the Daiwa compares. Looking to add another reel to my line up.
  7. Landed a 3.4 this morning on the sleeper craw, biggest I’ve caught at this little urban pond.
  8. I got a lil two pounda free rigging a Nishine Namazu yesterday.
  9. I got a new to me St Croix Premier 7’ Medium Fast Casting rod for $50 from a local fb group.
  10. I’m a pond hopper. I use the gamakatsu 3200.
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