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  1. Anyone know where I can order parts for older model reels? I have a Shimsno B-101 Mag that I need an anti reverse pawl for. or does anyone know a way to repair the pawl. The part that goes over the gear has come off the lever part. I though about using something like a tiny bit of JB weld to put it back on.
  2. I actually switched over to a fluke type trailer yesterday on brown and orange colored chatterbait. It actually caught a few bass. Nothing spectacular but way better than I’ve previously done with them. Maybe it was the paddle tails that they didn’t like.
  3. I’m in Mississippi. The two lakes I fish one is about a 7 acre lake and the other is about an 60 acre lake. Both private lakes. Both have gin clear water (though the big lake did get yellowed due to pollen blooms earlier in the year but has since cleared back up). sad thing is, I took my wife with me earlier in February just fishing from the bank. Tied on a chatterbait for her because she just likes a toss and reel bait over having to actually “work” a lure and damned if she didn’t catch a 7 pounder off it on the 3rd or 4th cast. Didn’t catch anything else off it but at least it’s something. I just wondered if maybe I was doing something wrong with my presentation. Just strange that a lot of people love these baits and so far, I’d much rather have a good jerkbait or crankbait.
  4. I’ll give the mini versions a try and see if that’s it. I’ve been using the original z-mans in the various weights they come in. Maybe they are just too big to properly mimic what the bass are feeding off of in these lakes now (though both these lakes have huge blue gill and shell crackers) It may just take me awhile to learn exactly how to fish them. Took me awhile to learn lipless crankbaits but I finally did.
  5. That’s just it. Nobody really fishes these lakes much so it can’t really be pressure. I guess I just haven’t found the right combination or maybe it just isn’t the right time of year for them in these particular lakes. They are biting natural color jerkbaits and even crankbaits pretty good. Heck I am even having luck on natural colored jigs with crawfish trailers. I just can’t get them to hit the chatterbaits much for some reason. I really wonder if the metal blade colors might be too much flash in these ultra clear waters. I might try to darken one of the blades with a sharpie and test it. Can’t hurt. Can easily clean it off if it doesn’t work.
  6. I know people love these things but I just don’t see the love for them. I rarely catch anything off these things. Granted I just started really using them this year and I’ve thrown every color and trailer combination I have seen others use at them and yeah, I will catch one occasionally on them, but not to the extent that I’d call them great lures. The lakes I fish are extremely clear. Maybe I’m doing something wrong. Maybe I should use colored blades instead of metallic ones given that spinnerbaits also don’t seem to work very good in the lakes I fish mostly either. I’ve tried “hopping” them with a craw trailer. I’ve tried with paddle tail trailers and slow retrieve with a pop or pause every so often. I’ve tried fast retrieving them. any ideas on what I should do or what I may be doing wrong? I really want to like these baits but they have got to produce better than this if that’s going to happen.
  7. Sometimes. It’s more common with people under 40.
  8. I’ve fished for largemouth all my life and in my youth would always get a few baits here and there as I could and would always select a lure I just “felt would work”. Now I’m at a point in my life where I can afford to buy large quantities of lures at one time to start really amassing a respectable collection. I pretty much stick to fishing the same local personal lakes/ponds and pretty much all of them are clear to ultra clear water. With that, I’ve decided to start buying lures better suited for clear water conditions (natural colors as opposed to flashier bright colors). That being said, a lot of lures have color selections with minor differences. For instance, a jig that pumpkin with green flakes and another that’s pumpkin and red flakes. Let’s just say you planned on spending $100 (to make it simple) on jigs. Is it worth it to get both color options to have or would you be better off saving the money to put toward a different color you didn’t plan on buying because it’s not a “natural color” given that you mostly fish clear water. Also, do you buy multiple sizes of the same color lures like jigs that often come in 4 or 5 sizes per color? Hopefully you all get what I’m asking here. thanks.
  9. Thanks. Looking forward to getting to know everyone.
  10. Hello from central Mississippi. I’ve been a fisher for basically all my life. Mostly just farm ponds and lakes. Was just looking for a place to maybe ask a few questions about bass fishing. thanks.
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