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  1. I use braid for backing on spinning gear because flourocarbon is expensive. Not to a short leader though, I spool the last 50 - 60 Yards with fluorocarbon, the braid is just backing. I replace the fluorocarbon when the braid begins to come through on a cast. Same with bait casters.
  2. Agree, check out the video if you haven’t, JT Kenney has a good you tube line up, thx
  3. I’ve been wanting to get a few pulsators, bluegill and bream color. It seems other brands are not painting/flaking their blades quite like Nichols so it leads me to believe fish don’t see as many so maybe more bites? JT Kenney has a YouTube video titled “ the spinnerbait every pro throws and no one talks about “ I believe that’s the title. That’s where I learned of Nichols.
  4. Welcome to BR , I’m new myself.
  5. I was wondering the same thing because it seems none of the videos in the past year or more from either have them together.
  6. I always wanted to fish for those New River smallies, is it still a hotspot for River smallies?
  7. Wow ski, that is a monster bass in your pic! Must be the 14-15 lber? thx for the welcome!
  8. Nice, I’m in St Augustine Nice , I’m in St Augustine
  9. Roland’s son Scott Martin has a great YouTube selection as well, I met Scott at my work(Bucee’s) about two months ago. I seen the fancy rig pulling up and ran out there to meet him and got a pic, checked out his rig which was awesome.
  10. Who can forget the hank Parker music / jingle also lol. Hank, bill, Roland are some good oldies, but I have to say my favorite fishing show of all time is Zonas worlds greatest fishing show.
  11. I work I maintenance at the bucees off 95 world golf exit
  12. Thx Mike, i live by world golf village and am stuck fishing ponds from bank or stand up paddle board right now. Any good pond recommendations around our area?
  13. I use to wade fish for smallmouth in the Kankakee River when I lived in Illinois ( left there in 2009), miss those River smallies. Always wanted to make my way up to the hotspots in Michigan but never got around to it.
  14. Hi N Fl Mike, im new to bass resource and noticed you live in Jacksonville. I’m from St. Augustine area do not own a boat, only a fishing w paddle board and bank fishing. You have any info on good ponds in our area, and which allows small crafts to be used?
  15. Tom G. From St. Augustine Florida here. Looking to make fishing friend connections in my general area and on this forum/platform. Glad to be a member of bass resource, thx!
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