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Jake P

Almost? Had A Wreck Today.

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Scary moment today at work. I drive around the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex to hospitals, facilities and homes for work. I was heading North on the tollway going a little under 70 since it was raining and had been for a while. All of the sudden my work truck is sideways and im sliding and rocking back and forth in the middle of the highway. All i could think was OH S! Im going to flip! I drive a dodge sprinter, if your not familiar with one, google it. They are enourmous diesel vans. Very tall and awkward shaped. So i let go of the wheel for fear of over correcting and really making things worse. I ended up on the side of the highway safe and sound on all 4 wheels.

When i first got hit on my drivers side rear end, much like a pit maneuver by a police officer, my van turned and i could see the car who hit me. He was spinning like crazy and ended up slamming into the median and totaling his car. I think there are 2 things that saved me from flipping my van at nearly 70 mph. When he hit my rear end and my van started to turn, his car spun as well and then hit my drivers door which i think corrected my spin and kind of straightened me back out. If he hadnt of hit me a second times i think i would have flipped it. Also the roads were soaked so this helped me slide a bit. If the roads were dry my brand new tires would have gripped the road probably causing me to flip and the outcome would have probably been much worse.

When everything came to a stop and the man got out of his car and i knew everything was alright we sarted talking about what happened. He admitted he was going about 80 mph. The speed limit on the tollway is 70. He was speeding 10 over in the rain which obviously didnt work to well for him and he hydroplaned. We exchanged info and i drove off with some decent cosmetic damage to my work vehicle. His was totalled and wouldnt start.

All i can say is i am a lucky guy. Getting hit going 70 mph aint no joke!

Funny thing is i was fine all day and now that im home and relaxed my neck and upper back are hurting and ive got a headache. Everyone told me it would get worse later in the day.

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Go to a doctor at once and get him to see the injuries. Memorialize his report.

Get X-Rays if possible to make sure you have only tissue damage.

You are very luck. Even 70 MPH in the rain is dangerous.

Ever hydroplane while towing your boat? I have and it is a wake up call. So plese let this be a wake up call for you and slow down in the rain, snow and ice, even in Texas.

Glad you are not injured seriously.

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Get checked out, and try to get some sleep, it might be tough tonight.

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You'll be sore in the morning.

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