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Bow To Stern= Wow

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I bought my first bass boat a few days ago. Its a 2000 Ranger in good condition. I used to have a show car that i polished and cleaned on a daily basis with Zaino. So i am very specific when it comes to cleaning and taking care of my possesions. This is my first glass boat, so i wanted the best product i could get to keep it looking good. After much internet searching and looking on this site, i came to the conclusion that Bow to Stern was the product i needed. When i got my boat, the feel of the paint felt rough and looked cloudy. I had placed an order for BTS the day i bought the boat. I spent about an hour on the boat using the BTS boat wash, then 2 coats of the protector, then a final wipe down of the cleaner. All i can say is WOW, i am more than impressed. The feel of the paint is sooooooo much smoother than when i bought it. If anyone out there is like me and very particular on the stuff they put on there possesions. Dont hesitate one second to get this product. HUGE thumbs up. I will post pics soon in the "show your ride" topic.

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I don't know anyone who has tried BTS that didn't love it. Since it actually bonds to the surface, you don't have to apply it every time you use the boat like other products. Keep in mind that it can be used on everything in/on your boat, ie., seats, motor, trailer, etc. I also use it on the tonneau cover of my truck.

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That is all I use now.

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