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New Member From California

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Hey everyone,

I recently picked up bass fishing seriously about a few months ago, i purchased a light-medium action rod and a spinning reel thinking i would be going on the occasional fishing expedition with my fishing buddy and as it turned out im fished once or twice a week now for bass. Im halfway through the book bass wisdom by homer circle and my tackle box has just begun to grow. So as you can see im pretty new but am really trying to learn as much as i can so i can land some big bass =).

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Wow! A California guy who has beautiful weather, great places to fish, monster bass and beautiful women. It just doesn't get better than that.

A few suggestions since you are starting out. Suscribe to Bass West, http://www.basswest.com/ and you will learn a lot about fishing on the left coast. Guys in Virginia suscribe so they can learn the newest techniques that come across the Pacific from Japan and others that develop in your state.

Also, read all of the articles on this site. Go to Woo Daves webpage, www.woodaves.com and read his articles.

Get DVDs about techinques and baits.

And read, read and read.

Soon enough you will be landing those 8-pound ladies and sending us photos.

Welcome aboard!

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Welcome home!

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