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After 3 Days, Finally Got My Bluefish

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I was on a family vacationhis past week in the Outer Banks in N.C. I was following everyones advice and using live bait from monday to wednesday, occasionally throwing a spoon and other baits. I tried finger mullet,shrimp, blood worms, squid and every other live bait the bait shop sold. I had bought a Koppers mullet wake bait before i left Illinois and my wife kept telling me to try it. I tied it on and on the 5th cast i finally caught my 1st blue fish. I didnt get a weight or length on it as i wanted to get it back in the water asap after a picture. I had 2 more on but got off and landed a smaller 1. I will post a pic in the next few days hopefully. Also caught a few spanish mackeral on a Pop A Dog, 100+ flounder on a Gulp minnow and small swimbaits, a lot of spots and croakers on live bait. I have caught a lot of different species of freshwater fish, including large catfish and bass. But this bluefish will remain my most memorable. I can honestly say i love surf fishing now.

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Congrads on the bluefish. We have been having them all week here, mackeral and jacks too. Just a suggestion, when those types of fish are busting bait any live, cut bait or artificial lure will work, use the cheapest and most durable like a spoon, gotcha and bucktail jig, it's a strike a cast, we put on 1 lure and just stay with it, it's ok to use wire for these species. This is the fall mullet run !

The surf without a doubt is my favorite way to fish, we have had 25 mph wind 8-10' surf, so it's been the jettie for me all week.

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congrats on the catch, can't wait to see the pic. I am starting to try my hand at saltwater, I will deffinitely check out that lure.

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I love catching Blues. I fish for them up in Maine using regular freshwater bass lures. I generally have the most success on trap type lures in a mackerel or fire tiger pattern. The faster the better it seems like.

Congrats on your catch!

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