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Top 5 Sport Fishing Destinations

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Figured I would see what everyone's opinion is regarding the top fishing destinations in the world. For the purposes of this thread, let's just say money is not an issue. I'll throw it out there, but I admittedly haven't been to any of these places. Not on this list, but I'm going to be fishing out of Quepos, Costa Rica this winter so we'll see how that stacks up to expectations.

1) Pinas Bay, Panama - Marlin, Sailfish, Mahi-Mahi, Roosterfish

2) Ascension Island - Supposedly fish are so abundant you can catch Tuna from the SHORE!

3) Cabo San Lucas, Mexico - Marlin, Roosterfish

4) Out Islands, Bahamas - Marlin, Wahoo, Bonefish

5) Prince Edward Island, Canada - Bluefin Tuna

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Bimini - Bahamas

Great Harbour Cay/Key - Bahamas

Andros Island - Bahamas

Islamorada - Florida Keys

Key West - Florida Keys

Are there better destinations? Sure. But I can easily load up the boat and drive to any of those and not have to deal with charters.

Great Harbour probably has the best pure fishing of any place I've ever been to in the world. Very few people know if it, much less go there. Roughly a 7 hour trip from Miami by boat with having to stop in Bimini for fuel. Only thing that stinks is that you're looking at a few thousand bucks in gas alone to run the boat. Not a cheap trip. If money was no object, that's where I'd be going for sure. Legit world class fishing. Grouper that could swallow my children whole and some of the biggest yellowtail I've ever seen.

Andros has some of the best diving you'll ever see. d**n good fishing too.

The other three on that list should be pretty self explanatory.

A lot of it is going to depend on exactly what you want to do. Though, if I wrote this list again tomorrow, it could VERY easily change.

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It boils down to what your target preference is. Of the places I have been, I'm excluding places like Cabo, have a time share there and have fished it many times, I prefer to fish more inshore and flats fishing these days, I don't care for those 1 and 2 hour or more fights anymore.

1. Xcalak, Mexico...........not well known, world class bonefishing, snook and tarpon.

2. Islamorado , Fl...........backwater as well as offshore, can be fished without a guide, permit is a great target.

3. East coast Fl.............like right now during the fall mullet run.

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1. Lake Baccarac Mexico- No better concentration of 10lb+ bass in the World

2. Cabo San Lucas- World class offshore fishing- Marlin(3 species), Dorado, Sailfish, Roosterfish,Wahoo, etc.

3. Bimini- Need I say more

4. Venice Louisiana- It is one of those magical places, Tuna, AJ, lots of fun

5. Hawaii for Big Blue Marlin


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