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Saban's Drive

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Whether you hate him or love him, you cannot deny how incredible his mentality is. His drive to succeed amazes me and I admire it so much..People with this kind of attitude and supporting cast around him who feeds off it can do incredible things. Not just in football, but running companies and perhaps a country.


One last thing, looks like Notre Dame updated their 'Play Like A Champion' sign.


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Who cares about Saban let's talk about AJ McCarron's girlfriend. WOW What a lady! I am going to teach both my kids how to throw a football!......I am sorry what were we talking about?

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When asked why he had chosen to play for Alabama and join the rookie class of '08.

the senior starter replied: Coach Saben


The competition for the best players in the country is fierce and a lot of promises are made.

This was (is) Coach Saben's Promise: If you come with me to Alabama,


(1)  You will graduate.


(2)   We will win.


(3)   And you will be a better man when you leave.

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Like him or hate him, Nick Saban is the top college coach of today and it is a pleasure to be able to play against him each year to measure how our LSU football team measurs up to the best in the business.

He is the epitome of college coaches. So far he has run clean programs at LSU and Bamasux. He is an outstanding recruiter. He selects his players from across the country and he has an NFL caliber team.

He studies the game and is a great teacher. Just look at all of the head coaches who have coached under him and are now successful at other schools. Even Derik Dooley had his shot at Tennessee due to his Saban connections and of course, his father Vince.

So we make fun of him; hate him; love to see him lose. But we all know he is the best in the college game and he will continue to keep Bamasux on top.

I do not think he would be a good NFL coach unless he controls player personnel. But it is fun to drive the Bamasux fans nuts saying that he is heading to the NFL and leaving their beloved Capstone University.

If you ever visit Bamasux you have to go to the Bear Bryant museum. It is a wonderful stroll through the good ole days of Alabama football under the Bear. I am sure the school may have to do the same for Nick Saban one day.

Roll Tide Roll. Around the bowl and down the hole, Roll Tide Roll!

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