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Bass Fishing Terms?

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Shewillbemine brought up something in response to another post. Should be a great way to teach and learn here.

What are some of the different terms and their meanings. Only add one term and definition per response so everyone gets a chance to add their two cents and humor is just as welcome.


Structure.....Changes in bottom contour or composition. This can be a ledge, creek channel, flat, point, transition areas, etc.  Not to be  confused with cover although often times cover is refered to as structure.

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Maintenance wipe - when you are not having that " oh so fresh" feeling. ( second time I posted this but it applies here as well) 

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All bass anglers do not speak the same language, some terms are regional.

Lake for example, seems simple to define but there are natural lakes and impoundments or reservoirs. Lakes that are reservoirs are further classified by the terrain where the dam was constructed; highland, hill land, canyon, flatland, lowland etc. Bass location differs with the type of the body of water they live in and the anglers terminology changing with each lake classification in addition to regional terms describing structure and cover elements.

Most terms come from tournament bass anglers located in the south, including Texas. Most of the bass lakes in that region are highland, hill land reservoirs, so the terms start there. If you live and fish outside of that region the terms can sound like a foreign language.

Grass is a good example, everywhere outside of the south, grass are weeds; aquatic vegetation.

Bass are largemouth unless are brown or spots.

Creeks are underwater stream beds.

Creek arms are flooded canyons with a small river or large stream bed.

Channel is the river bed or steam bed that has carved out the valley floor before it was flooded, not to be confused with a man made channel.

You could write a bood on bass anglers terms and never be able to get agreement regionally on the definition.


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I made this glossary and posted it on this site nearly 17 years ago: http://www.bassresource.com/fishing_lures/bass_fishing.html


Since then, it's been copied all over the Internet.  So I suppose that means it's a complete list....that, or nobody could do any better.  :)

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