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Strike King Rodent Storage

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I generally fish RI beaver baits but Gander Mountain had such a crazy deal on these I picked up a few packs in some colors I like. I've never really thrown the "perfect plastics" line so my knowledge of storing these is minimal.  Does anybody know if these "dry out" or harden keeping them in their own plano boxes.  I use a deep plano for most plastics that can be stored outside of their bags so mixing with other plastics won't be a concern. I'm not overly concerned about the coffee scent as I usually use none or megastrike.

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No, they don't dry out. they'll be fine in a Plano box, as long as you don't put Elaztec in the same compartment.

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Some of my favorite baits. Incredibly good prouducers for me. I store them in their original packaging but unlike a product like gulp, it will not dry out. I know i have left them rigged on a rod for several weeks and the bait didn't appear to dry out and it did not shrink at all. I don't know if they would lose a little of the coffee scent but it may happen. And like you noted, you will be likely adding additional scent so it should not be an issue.

I think you will like them. I too fish the RI beavers and many other similar baits and have as much or more confidence in the strike king rodent.

On a side note... give it a try weightless on a 4/0 EWG hook if you have the standard size rodent. A nice alternative to a senko/fluke style bait in situations where a weightless bait would excel.

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