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  1. the in between is the most important.
  2. 10# mono. you all are a big group of sally's.
  3. the brake dial protrudes a bit and isn't as recessed as the zillion and steez and makes it vulnerable to rotating the dial while palming the reel. This dial isn't as easy to turn by just looking at it but it's more difficult to turn than the OG zillion. There's an indent behind the brake dial that locks it in and makes the audile click if working correctly. If that isn't the case, you can snug up the set screw or return it.
  4. Coastal is blue, bigger handle, and a deeper spool. Thats it
  5. Sbarros was lou malnatis before it was lou malnatis. It was a delicacy many moons ago. Illinois ruined that too. @slonezp is likely 78% responsible but he won’t admit it. He’s too busy yelling at old ladies and making people get off his lawn
  6. I have dipped my toes into the chicago culinary arts. I’ve feasted on the highest of the highs (thanks to my job) and the elitist chains and hidden local treasures over the years in the cook county and surrounding area. I can confidentially say I would rather fishing professionally for smallmouth bass in south america than ever do anything professionally in illinois. That state sucks politically, logistically, professionally. Illinois is the type to buy cheap TP and not apologize when your finger breaks through on a standard wipe and say well, thats the “lightfoot way”. Like hey , I stubbed my toe on your super poopy sidewalks but heres a 10% coupon to sbarros because lori sucks. Illinois sucks.
  7. Believe you misjudged my statement sailor. My post was poking jest at him standing on the Lews mountain in his previous posts and telling others to buy USA.
  8. @Siebert Outdoorsmakes all you could need for a jig. Wasn't overly impressed /w dirty jigs quality.
  9. Little ironic coming from a fella that swears Lews is the bestest.
  10. Wasn’t aware of JLS halting US sale but asian fishing portal is working fine on my end. sportsman outfitters also sells them for cheap
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