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Fishing In Semi Heavy Wind

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I've been told that when its windy, you shoud concentrate on the banks where the wind is blowing...fish "should" be stacked there because the current the wind is putting on the water is blowing them there.

There any truth to that? Do the fish mostly just ride things out and let mother nature position them. My theory is that sounds right. If a fish wants to stay in a certain location, it would have to constantly try to move to maintain position...which would mean they are expending energy.

In situations like this(wind)...could it be the fish are more focused on maintaining position that they put any other activity on the back burner?

I went out yesterday and zeroed the whole day.A guy in a bass boat told me the fish were positioned against the bank, in 3-10 ft of water because of the way the wind was pushing them there. Sure enough, I put on a jerkbait with a 5 ft diving depth and on the first cast had one ambush it right at the boat.

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The wind blows small pieces of food to the bank.  The small fish will be feeding.  The larger fish feed on the small fish.  I usually cast into the wind to make the bait seem like it is following the wind when I retrieve.

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Wind does not blow adult sized bass anywhere. Hurricanes … maybe. There are species differences to be aware of in terms of current, with largemouth needing calmer water than smallmouth. Some anglers have thought that heavy wave action will push bass out, but telemetry studies have shown largemouth NOT moving out despite heavy wind and wave action, as waves are surface features for the most part.


There are several things wind can do that can affect your fishing from the fish’s perspective:


-Wind blows warm water downwind (since warm water floats), and if wind is strong enough or long enough in duration, it can roll up deep cold water on the upwind side, replacing the warm that blew off. This is called a seiche. These are real events and I’ve capitalized on them both.


-Wind can blow flotsam (wood, weeds, algae) to downwind shores offering cover for security and hunting opportunities for bass. It can also blow food materials (plankton esp) into downwind areas concentrating the food chain for periods of time. I once had a stiff breeze pile Russian Olive fruits against a shoreline concentrating big channel cats against that shore. They were so ravenous, gorging on those fruits, they smacked my crankbaits with abandon. I finally had to give up on that shoreline bc my arm tired out.


-Waves generated by wind can disturb bottom substrate roiling the water and offering either an edge bass can collect up on and/or it can dislodge prey from the substrate or orient/disorient prey fishes making them more vulnerable to the larger and stronger bass.


-Wind generates current. Current can be critical to bass activity, and is esp notable in reservoirs when turbines are pulling water, prey fishes end up having to orient to it, making them more vulnerable to capture and their movements more predictable. Wind can generate current too. Again, telemetry studies have shown largemouth NOT moving out despite heavy wind and wave action, as waves are surface features for the most part. However, certain areas can develop rip currents which can become too much for bass to sit in. They then use lees, like bass in reservoirs pulling water, or trout in streams. Tidal water anglers get used to fishing current lees. Rip currents and other wind/breeze related currents develop in relation to structural features such as points, shoals, and narrows, or cover pieces like boulders, heavy wood, or even dense vegetation. Keep your eyes open and you might find an opportunity. That’s often what fishing/hunting is about, finding opportunities. That’s what the bass are doing.


One fishing tip for fishing in breezes / light wind. I keep some extra spools / reels filled with fluorocarbon as its density helps cut wind better, both as it hangs from your rod tip, and the fact that it can sink below wind generated surface currents. Braid is the worst in wind.

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