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Sunline Sx1 Braid? + Alberto Knot

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Was watching this video on the Alberto Knot for braid to mono/fluro. According to *** article pretty much everyone on tour is using it because its small and you obviously have no line twist.




I did a search on this "top secret SX1 braid and did not get any results? Apparently the pros are using it on tour but how? and when and where can I get some? Is it a hybrid line or what?



Anyway if you haven't seen this video check it out.



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I have been using it for shaky heads. The color hasn't faded at all so far. It is a sinking braid

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I've been using it for a couple of weeks on 2 spinning reels:  Shimano Twinpower 2500 and Shimano Sustain 2000.....both filled from the same spool of 12# test.


I  use the  Alberto knot and it goes thru guides easily on Shimano Cumara and Megabass Aaron Martens. 


I put about 5-6 feet of Sunline Biwako 7# fluoro tied to the SX-1. (leader not long enough to reach spool)  Never had a problem with the knot.


I'm thinking that the SX-1 Braid is perfect for spinning reels.  No problems whatever. 


And, I think I have just enough braid for one more spinning reel......that will make 3.  250 yards for $34.95 wasn't bad for 3 reels (about 80 yards per reel)

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I use the alberto on occasion, I don't see how a knot can eliminate line twist on a spinning reel.  Twist is cause by 2 main factors, a lure that is constantly rotating like some spoons or a fluke turning over, try and keep that hook centered.  Also the way the line is wrapped around a spinning spool when retrieving does cause twist as well, not nearly as amplified with braid as with mono lines.  How to avoid line twist.........you don't, but you can reduce it some.  If you are going to use a swivel, use a quality ball bearing, better yet is a ball chain swivel.  I've some some crane chain swivels but have not tried them.

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Braid reduces the line twist... Not the knot you are using.

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