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Hey everyone I am hoping this has not been asked all ready, but i am looking to get into drop shot more this year. I was wondering what line to use, leader type, knots used and baits. The set up I have is a michell avocet on a st croix mojo bass drop shot ML x fast action. Any other suggestion and tips would be great. Thanks

Keep fishing hard

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There are a millions topics on this. Search "drop shot" and grab a pen and paper.  The rod you have will work just fine. A 2500 series spinning reel is ideal with line in the 4-10 lb range. Some guys like pure fluoro, others like braid/flouro combo, and some like straight braid.  I think some trial and error will answer yourself. 

Palomar knot on the hook and the weight.

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perfect rod, reel will work also.


i use 6-8lb fluorocarbon


make sure to stick the line through the point side of the hook eye first, tie palamor knot and make sure to leave lots of tag end, stick the tag end back through the hook eye this point side first again ( this is what keeps the hook sticking out) then i like to use a 3/16 weight most of the time. anywhere from 8-20 inches from the hook


some good baits are small 4-5 finesse worms, small minnow type baits.. i like roboworms, zoom finesse worms, power team finiky tickler, are just a few

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Your rod and reel will work well. XF is good for DS.


Hooks: I do well with both VMC spinshots and Gamakatsu DS hooks.

Weights: Finesse dropshot weights, they have a special eyelet that tapers thin. I like tungsten weights for a smaller profile.


 As for line, a lot of guys are gonna tell you to go braid and use a fluoro leader. I dont care for braid unless I'm fishing weeds, deep water, or heavy cover. It will rip these tiny hooks out on hooksets if you dont go easy... So, I use straight fluorocarbon, 4-8lb range, depends on where your fishing really. I fish super clear and rocky lakes, so I run 4, 5, and 6lb fluoro mostly. Some lines that work well on spinning reels are: Sunline sniper FC, Seaguar Tatsu FC, Sunline Finesse FC. Those 3 have given me the least amount of issues overall, all 3 have good abrasion resistance. Also keep in mind that it's very important to put the line on the reel properly, and treat it with a line conditioner (I like the KVD stuff)


If you find you get some coils, or problems with twist, I suggest you tie your line to something solid, and walk til its just about all pealed off the reel, then stretch it. Do this gradually, do NOT stretch it to the limit...this will cause deformation of the FC. That is bad.  Just a little pressure on and pressure off until the line starts to straighten out. This takes a few minutes, and multiple periods of stretching, but it is worth it, just reel it back down to wherever you tied off, add some more line conditioner as you do that.



Lures: Good suggestions so far, the cool thing about this technique is the # of baits which can be utilized. Experiment!


-Straight tail worms

-finesse worms

-Gulp minnows

-craw baits

-small tubes

-stick worms

-creature baits

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Best lure I have found so far is a LFT Live Magic Shad, 3.5" version.  It moves just by water current or wind.

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