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  1. We caught over 100 fish on an Arig Yesterday. I throw the yumbrella flash mob jr as it is readily available and not too pricey. They hold up pretty well too. Hog Farmers makes the best on the market, but they aren’t cheap. I throw it October through May. Cast, let it sink to the bottom and slow roll it in. We had two triples and a lot of doubles yesterday. It’s one of my favorite ways to fish.
  2. Since the thread got bumped, figured I update on the tournament I talked about 5 years ago lol. I stuck with pattern 1. Had 25.82lbs, came in 1st, and won $22,200 that day.
  3. We absolutely smashed them Friday and Saturday in drains on a c15 crankbait. I didn’t keep count Friday but it was every cast until 9:30 am. Saturday there wasn’t as many fish but we still managed to catch 41. Had around 21lbs Friday and 16lbs Saturday. 10-15’ drains with Shad.
  4. The fishing got really good with the cooler weather a couple weeks ago but man has it gotten tough since warming back up. The offshore bite is very hit and miss and it’s hard to catch much quality right now. We did move shallow in the rain on Friday and caught a few 3-4lb fish on a squarebill and spook. The dock bite is decent when the sun is out too, but we need a cold front bad!
  5. Looking back through our logs we have caught close to 6000 crappie and 8000 bass this year. Biggest bass being 10.17lbs.
  6. Guys, it’s happening! The last few trips has been fantastic! The fish are pushing shad into main lake drains and are feeding heavy. From now until mid December the bite should be great!
  7. I know quite a few guys who fish professionally and a lot of guys that fish bigger local tournaments (100-400 boats). Some of the guys fishing local circuits are just as good if not better than the pros. The two differences are time and money. My business partner for our guide service qualified for the Elites in 2015 through the central opens, but he didn’t have the money or the time to invest in fishing professionally. On top of that, he finished 3rd in the AOY standings and barely broke even on the year money wise. Professional fishing is one of the biggest scams out there.
  8. Both of those areas should have plenty of fish. On the McGee flats I would start in the very back of the main lake drains in 12-18’. After 9 am or so I would start following those drains out to 18-25’ and looking on the points.
  9. We have had some great days on Rayburn the past few weeks. There is some schooling action on main lake flats then some good fish to be caught deep cranking.
  10. The fishing can be tough one day and good the next. We are finding and seeing plenty of fish but they can be hard to make bite. So,e days you have to throw a dropshot to make one bite and you can only catch 1-3 fish out of a school. Other days they will chase a crankbait and a big worm and you can catch 12-15 per school. Lots has to do with wind and clouds.
  11. I haven’t put live imaging on my bass boat yet. We have it on all of our pontoons and it is awesome for crappie fishing but I haven’t taken the plunge on the bass boat. It won’t be long. About 75% of my trips are in clients boats and a lot of them have live imaging and there has been numerous times it has helped us catch fish. It is a great tool for sure.
  12. Cane River in Natchitoches is fishing pretty good right now. You can catch them on topwater early, then on a squarebill around lay downs when the sun comes up.
  13. Fishing on Toledo has been hit or miss. We catch 30-40 one day then 12-15 the next.
  14. Yes sir! I like the 300DD and 500DD in the dead heat of the summer and cold of the winter. It has a little more slender profile than the Cloud 9 series and tighter wobble.
  15. Redbug is a favorite of mine in the summer months. It outfishes all other red colors in my boat. I’m not sure why, I just know that it works.
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