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  1. Meeting BR members: Priceless The cost of the information you hear from them and take to TW: Divorce
  2. Much different drinking coffee in your home or at work in a climate controlled environment than drinking it in place of water in the summer heat.
  3. That's something people need to remember. Hydration starts the day before. And don't go out with just a bottle or two of water and a bunch of Cokes. Also Gatorade isn't a substitute for water. And don't slam beers in the summer heat.
  4. I literally believed that this was a real lake and used to look it up but could never find it. Found out the truth last year when some kind posters helped this idiot ironbjorn out.
  5. Small, thin zip ties. 1/0 Gammy Octopus Circle Hook. The small, thin zip ties can be perfectly tightened down to neither move nor ruin the bait. That particular hook never, ever misses, despite being sideways. I've found nothing better for bait preservation and hookups.
  6. I used to think 30 rods, huge boats, all the electronics, a mini tackle shop on board etc etc was all ridiculous until I thought about my main hobby: gaming. Sure, I could use the TV and the cheap $60 controller and call it a day. But I have a $500 console, with a $400 240 hz gaming monitor, a $240 controller, a $200 headset, etc etc etc. But I normally just beat the banks with a rod or two and a small backpack to keep mobile and to limit my options so I'm not stuck in the loop of changing baits constantly and getting nowhere. People put money into their passions. Not sure FFS is a good thing though. Can't use drones to hunt but you can use these to video game fish. Doesn't make much sense and probably isn't great long term.
  7. Your list is good. I can simplify it even more. If you have a H/F and MH/F casting and M/F spinning, you can do everything in bass fishing outside of super niche and extreme conditions/situations stuff. Psssst don't tell the tackle junkies, retailers, and marketers.
  8. Happened to me several years ago. I was wading the river with a backpack full of beer. A Smallie ran a Whopper Plopper right through my hand. I yanked it right out but I don't think it went too deep. I had two hooks and a Smallie hanging from my hand though. Didn't feel much because I was lit up. Poured some beer over the wounds and kept going. Not my brightest moment.
  9. Fine around wood but still utterly useless in grass and vegetation. I'm curious about the presentation I saw on social media being used in grass. Me too. There's a pond near me that's choked with weeds. I'm gonna toss this right in it.
  10. I've never seen this done before. I screenshotted it from social media.
  11. Jay Cutler Nobody can deny that I'm very talented, but I screw up a lot and I don't take it seriously. Like Smokin' Jay, I'm out there puffing on my fruity berry marshmallow bubblegum vape like a man. Sometimes people question if my heart is even in it since I'll skip perfectly good days to fish because I just don't feel like it, but then I'll also go on miserable weather days when nobody else is out there. Sometimes I'll make a cast that not even I can believe I hit and then the next cast I look like a moron.
  12. Nobody knows. Goes without saying: 1. Have your equipment ready. 2. Use your brain and give it some time in the water if you know you're taking forever.
  13. I like to see them so I know exactly what I lost. I want to know if it was actually a fish and not a log or something and if it was a bass and how big. I don't like the mystery of it. Too many unanswered questions that lead to assumptions.
  14. I have this fight all the time in Illinois and Indiana. My friends think they are water moccasins. Nope. Harmless water snakes. Water moccasins don't live here (I'm sure it's at this point someone will show me on the map a teeny tiny itty bitty very far south corner where their territory *just* touches). I really wish they'd believe me.
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