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Tuckahoe Joe

Just About Everything Except For A Bass

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Went out for a couple hours this afternoon.  Like the title says, I tried fishing for bass but caught just about everything else.  First catch was this pickerel.  He flopped out of my grip and buried 2 trebles into my shorts.  Could have been a bad situation if it had been about 8 inches lower.


May 2, 2013   Unicorn Lake

Then walked around the other side of the lake and caught a couple more picks.

May 2, 2013   Unicorn Lake (3)

May 2, 2013   Unicorn Lake (5)

After that we walked down to the creek below the spillway.  Caught yet another really small pickerel that I didn't take a picture of then I caught a rainbow trout.

May 2, 2013   Unicorn Lake (6)


Also caught this guy.  When I caught it I thought it looked darker so I thought bluegill but now that I look at the pic, I dunno.  If not a bluegill, its in the same family.  Positive ID anyone?


May 2, 2013   Unicorn Lake (7)

Before leaving I decided to hit the main lake again.  Fan casted a few times, figured I'd call it a day and then on the infamous 'one last cast', I caught a yellow perch.

May 2, 2013   Unicorn Lake (8)

Felt bad for the wife though.  All she got was 1 pickerel and it threw the hook right at the bank.  All the pickerel came on a KVD 1.5 or 3/16 oz. SK spinnerbait.  Got the trout and bluegill on a small white inline spinner and I got the perch on a SK 3/8 oz. spinnerbait.  I know the fish weren't huge but it was a fun day.  Plus the it was my first yellow perch.

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Multispecies days are always fun, unless it's a tournament. Your second to last picture is a male bluegill, looks like he has his best dress on for the big dance :)

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