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If we watch some of the fishing videos here, where are they catching the bass at?

Near the shoreline. This is why I preach to be very. very quiet and stealthy. Don't

make any noise with your tackle and walk softly. Do not step on any rocks. The rocks send sound waves into the water they tell the fish you are there. If you follow what I'm saying you will catch fish. Remember to fan cast the area. Change lures often looking for the correct pattern. Change up your presentations too. I throw a variety of lures and colors to see which one they want. Be very quiet. I even close the bail on my spinning reel by hand too so it doesn't snap. No talking too even when there is action. You want to catch more than one fish. Make sure you wear dull colored clothes too. If you can see the fish they can see you.

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Good point. I just want to point out that the lower frequency sound travels more than high frequecy sounds. So if you must talk, you want to be a woman or talking to one. :grin:


On serious note, the sound on the air does not go into the water as much, as long as it is not very loud or very low frequecy. Have you been at the swining pool where lots of people talking, but once you dive into the water, you have this very silent world? It is like that. The sound made by stomping the ground, kicking the rock etc does go into the water, because the ground is directly touching the water.


One time I was fishing and I heared this loud music with lots of base coming from a mile away. I thought to myself "dumb wakeboarders". Only to find this was a old guy on a bass boat. Go figure.

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Hmm...I don't find any of that to be the case.


A human voice does not transmit well in water.


I have never known a fish to care about my outfit.


Casting forward the fish have no idea where that bait came from.

I would say not to directly approach a spot you want to fish, stay

casting distance away. Moving down a bank next to water you

have already fished doesn't require stealth.


I like a big spash when casting, too. I think it attracts bass.





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Spinning Reel Bail - Always close it by hand.


Clothes - Theory is that a bright shirt can been seen by the fish in clear water.


Walk Softly - Yes. And go about 50-feet back from the bank when moving, if possible.


Stepping on Rocks - No problem unless you lose your balance and fall in the water.


Fish Seeing You - Yes, if you can see them they can see you.


Noise - Always want to be as quiet as possible, especially on a boat. From shore I don't think it matters that much.


Big Splash - Yes, a bass will turn to look to see what made the splash. Have actually seen this many times. Let that Senko hit the water with a bang.


Fan Casting - Best way to fish an area to hit all of the water.


Standing on the Bank - You can stand a "cast distance" away but I have not found that to be a problem as I usually don't catch the fish at my feet, although it does happen. Caught a five pounder at a pond by my feet when reeling in the bait.  Last Friday we caught them along the shore in front of us about 5 to 10 feet out in the double secret pond. 


Water carries sound faster than air so if you are on a boat it is very important to be quiet. Some of the pros are now saying to cut off your trolling motor when pitching and flipping.


Go figure???


Changing Baits - Yes. Until you find out what they want, the depth and color.

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People think that bass can hear you if you are talking this is false! Noise doesn't make a difference when bank fishing, a boat motor obviously does. I fish a lot at night and night is when you need to be extra stealthy. We use head lamps and the minute the fish see the white or blue light they scatter, so we always keep the red light on, I call it the fish and reptile light. Another thing to be mindful of is the splash that your lure makes you want to try to minimize that. During the morning and especially at night I notice that they like to stick to the shore line so that's when I stay back, splash light, and if night keep the red light on

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Hey Sam, I am going to ask that ghost thats pestering your house where your double secret pond is located, I wonder if he will spill the beans if i talk to him nicely.lol. Ed

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