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Help On How To Sell Boat

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I am looking to sell my 2003 Stratos 185.  It has a Minn Kota Talon, and two HDS 7 Touch screens with down/sidescan.  I want to get $10K for the boat.  If I sell it with the Talon and HDS touches, i want $13,500.  What do you guys think my best way to sell the boat is, list it with everything, or list it without the Talon and HDS Touches?  I know I can kind of do both and offer the others as an add on, but I wonder if that turns people off seeing how much the add-ons are.  I had a dealer tell me it is a lot easier to sell a boat for him for more money with more add-ons, just wondered what you guys thought.  thanks!

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I normally see them listed at the higher price and at the end of the add you would write 10k without electronics or Talon. That being said, chances are you will get more looks if it's listed at 10k

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List at 10K.  Also list the electronics at a separate price, but give a couple hundred less if they buy the boat and electronics together.  Take a TON OF PICTURES!!!!

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What do you plan to do with the electronics if you only sell the boat?  Are you going to be able to use them?  Are you going to be stuck with them collecting dust and losing value?You could list the boat for 10K and say the electronics are available for x amount more....  Be prepared, if you want 10k, and you list for 10k, people probably arent going to offer you 10k....  So you will have to work that into the equation as well, or just say 10k FIRM......Maybe state that there is wiggle room if they buy the electronics as well....


I would personally list everything together at first, and if that doesnt work, separate them.... I feel like it is a pain to get rid of the boat and get stuck with the components....It all depends on how quickly you NEED to get rid of the boat.  If you have time, try listing everything together.  If you are in a rush, sell he items individually.  

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