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Reading and answering several threads regarding bass behavior a common theme keeps being repeated, find the baitfish and you will catch bass.

In my opinion this is a misconception, find the baitfish and the bass should be close is closer to the truth.

Just because you locate bass doesn't mean you can catch them on lures or live bait at times or under some circumstances.

There is a population of bass in nearly every lake, pond, river that can't be caught on lures outside of the spawning period. Some of this bass population are very difficult to catch with live bait, they are uncatchable at the time you are trying to catch them.

Another misconception is bass see colors like we do. We are nearly blind underwater without the aid of a swim mask and added light. Bass vision is a topic of speculation with little good science to support facts being stated. The bottom line is; bass see differently then we do, so keep an open mind on this topic.

The next time you are on the water bass fishing and get skunked, remember we all have this happen sometimes. Enjoy your time on the water, you never know about tomorrow.


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Misconception #1

Find the bait...find the bass

Bass will not be where a food source is not!

Misconception #2

I don't for hunt bass because when you find bass not close" to bait they are usually inactive.

I hunt for bait with bass "close" by, these bass will be active.

Misconception #3


I don't get hung up on color, if I throw it the bass will me if they want it.

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After seeing bass striking baitfish over many years and often having them ignore my presentations, I've wondered about this! 

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