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Gotten on kick where I'm interested in fishing jigs/swimbaits with blue around the swimbait head and blue either on the jig head or blue skirt material flaired out around the underside near the head. Just wondering what blue you guys think is the best blue? True blue, light blue, turqiose, cyan. I guess another way of looking at it too, is not so much which blue, but who makes the best blue?


What got me on this kick is hearing about swimbaits with blue around the head getting really aggressive strikes during spawning season, which can't get here fast enough. Thanks

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I personally like true blue. I use that on my jigs. Now I wouldn't say I get aggressive strikes with it ,  however I have used it during the spawn and it does catch fish, also the nice thing about it, is you can see the jig really well in clear water. The blue does pop. Another good color around here in my area is white.

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