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Whcih Way?

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   Christmas is over, and I wound up with some loose cash. I'm trying to decide what to spend it on and would appreciate any imput. I'm looking at the new Abu Garcia rods, but I already have quality casting rods in Medium and Medium Heavey, as well as a nice spinning rod in Medium Light for finnesse. I personally feel this covers all my bases, and I do need to restock on some lures that I lost last season, but those rods look very tempting..... So what would you all do?

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Well, I suggest these lures as a foundation for your tackle collection:

Rage Tail Baby Craw & Craw, naked or as a jig trailer

5" Senko

Fat Ika

Rage Tail 10" & 7" Thumper

Rage Tail Anaconda

MegaStrike MegaBug

MegaStrike StrikeBack spinnerbait (white)

GMAN, NorthStar and Evo II 3/8 & 1/2 oz jigs (black)

Zara Spook, LC Sammy & Chug Bug (topwater)

LC Pointer & Rapala X-Rap (jerkbaits)

Norman Fat Boy (square lip shallow crankbait)

Xcalibur XR50 (lipless crank)


Swarming Hornet/ LFT Live Magic Shad

Rage Tail Eeliminator

River2Sea Frog

MegaStrike Cavitron buzzbait (black)

Gamakatsu 2/0, 3/0 & 4/0 EWG hooks

MegaStrike Shak-E2 Pro Series

JJ's Magic and/or MegaStrike

Yo-Zuri Hybrid or Hybrid Ultrasoft

(#6 for spinning tackle, #12 for baitcasting)

Good luck!

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Thank you for your input. It is appreciated.

   roadwarrior- What do you think about the Mann's "The Classic" spinnerbaits? And where can I procure the jigs you mentioned?



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