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Ok, so this year i have set a goal to use lures that i usually don't like to use. Jigs.... I hate to fish slow but I know that you need this skill in some situations. I'm 14 and i'm hopping to be fishing some junior events in my area. I wanna catch some big bass this year and I know that a jig is a big bass bait.Thats whats going to motivate me while i'm fishing the jig. Now I have fished with it before and my biggest bass on it is about a 5lber. But i've only caught like 4 bass on them. When I caught that 5lber It felt so good because its always fun to catch them on something ur not as skilled in using. So do you guys have any good tips for using jigs? Any help will be appreciated!

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Practice your casting every chance you get. A jig can make a pretty big splash so you want to learn how to flip and pitch it on a dime with very little splash. You can only do this with consistent practicing.

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Okay, the short version, here goes... Jigs are my favorite bait! They're great baits and especially for big fish but don't be forced into thinking you have to throw them to catch big fish and win. There are times when a jig is just no good. Often when the fishing is tough, bass want something with a smaller profile and soft body, soft plastic baits will often be a better choice than a jig, fish them t-rigged, shakey, drop shot, weightless etc...

Jigs are especially fun when fish are tight to cover and aggressive, flipping docks, trees, weeds etc is a blast, but sometimes the fish just aren't so ambitious. Often, ya can't beat a weightless senko deadsticked. If you have not already, then I would suggest first getting familiar with t-rigged plastics. Get used to feeling the bait, the bite, and setting the hook. It is just about the same with a jig, but you need to be a little quicker with a jig. Bass will reject a heavy steel and silicon bait faster than a lightweight salty plastic bait. With a jig, you want to have the maximum sensitivity. A lightweight, fast action, heavy power rod with high speed reel spooled with braid is ideal. Never lose 'touch' with your jig. I think of my jig rod as an extension of my nervous system, a prod for feeling around and probing weedbeds, docks, etc. Try to minimize slack in the line when your jig is falling and always watch your line. Make sure you let your jig get to the bottom. Often bass will bite a jig as it falls or the instant it hits bottom, this is why you want to minimize slack, if it falls to the bottom on slack, you'll miss a lot of bites. Set it down without ever losing contact. If no bite on the initial drop, a lethargic lunker may yet be watching. Lift and drop your jig again. Dunno what this imitates but bass love to hit the bait when you 'kill' it like that.

Of course there are several different kinds of jigs and even more ways to fish them. As I described above, applies mostly to flipping a jig but I am also a huge fan of football jigs- these are great for rocks. Drag them over rocky banks and flats. <-A killer smallmouth bait! Fish a football jig on a long, M or MH fast rod with 10-14# fluorocarbon. Long, for good hook sets on long casts. Fast rod, with fluoro, because again, here, sensitivity is key.

The best way to learn learn jig fishing, as with any technique is to fish with someone who has experience with it. You will pick up a lot about the mechanics of it that I can't describe here, by watching someone do it.

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