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Bait Cannibals?!

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I know a lot of us have to do it and some probably won't tell another living soul what exactly they do.



This is what I call Bait Cannibalism.... It is taking a lure and combining it with another lure, in whole, or part, and or modifying one with another, to make your own specialty killer bait. So what is your secret combo?



I'll start with some of my general habits, I often:

  • Change the colors of my soft plastic using other soft plastics to get the desired colors I want.
  • I have been known to buy Jigs and put their skirts on spinnerbaits.
  • Mix and match spinner/jig skirts.




What are some of your crazy combinations?

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Specifically-Damiki HYDRAS.


Taking the bodys of one color,and using tail section of another.


Alway using mendit,makes some great fish catchin baits!

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I've got several spinnerbaits in my garage without blades from a tournament this past fall. I needed the biggest willowleaf blade I could find and a bluegill or firetiger skirt so a lot of other baits lost their blades to go on a different bait. 

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