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Help Me Mount 798 Transducer

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Just bought a HB 798 w/ side imaging and was hoping some of the pros here could help me pick the best spot on the transom to mount the transducer. The Skeeter transom has a step to it and I have no jackplate. So by looking at the pictures where do you think would be the best spot. The lakes I fish are small 300 acres and under so most of my scanning will be at or around idle speeds. Thanks








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#1. Get a XP 9 20 transducer for shoot-thru.


#2. Attach the SI transducer below the right side engine mount bolts with the bottom of the transducer mount even with the bottom of the transom so the transducer hangs below the transom (where the engine is bolted to the hull). To the left of the temperature sensor.


#3. Attach the two transducers to the display with the AS SIDB Y cable.


The 2D sonar will come from the shoot-thru all the time and SI/DI/Temp will come from the SI transducer all the time.

That is the proper installation for your hull.

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i got on in the mail coming to me at the end of the week pls update when u are doing with installation 

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