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Albany, Ny

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Good...well i guess its morning now haha.  I have done a little research around on the web and wanted to post something here on the forums for some others inputs.  I am a college student here in Pa currently at Penn College in Williamsport but reside in Carlisle, Pa.  I am just starting to get into bass fishing seriously and since i have always loved competition would love to start fishing a few tournaments.  I have shot competition archery for my school for two years so i love to have a little competition i feel it makes you better and pushes you in whatever you are doing.  This being said i am moving to Albany, NY for the summer for an internship and am looking to try and kick off this tournament fishing while up there since i will have a lot of free time.  I see that they do have an Albany area bass club but you have to fish a good amount of tournaments...okay well three points tournys to keep your membership.  I have no problem paying the fees for the club you have to put in to get something out of it, I understand that.  I am looking for a club that will let me learn a little as a beginner angler.  Being in college the budget is short i have a small 12 foot jon boat back home but obviously with my little paddle boat i don't want to go up there and fly all over these tournaments haha.  If anyone would have any info on a club that would be a good fit for my situation as a back seat angler or anything to help point me in the right direction that would be great.  My dad's business partner used to fish a lot of big tournaments all over the east coast so i have heard some horror stories about ride alongs and who he had in his boat or people he rode with.  I want to be serious but still learn something as i am no where near as knowledgeable as many on this forum.  Again anyone with any info to help point me in the right direction would be great,  Thanks, Jordan

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PM me ... I am a part of the Albany Area Bassmasters.  Maybe I can help.

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