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Spring Up Fall Down

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Hoping to get a little discussion going on the direction (uphill/ downhill/ vertical/ horizontal) our lures need to travel during different seasons of the bass calender.


I understand the idea that the food chain tends to travel shallower during spring etc. But, would the daily rhythm affect this in any way? Also, what about winter? I never really quite figured it out why vertical is better during winter. The "why" probably isn't as important as "what", but still.



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Spring up is the direction in the water column the bass are migrating or transitioning from deep water to shallower water. Fall down is the opposite of spring and the bass are transitioning from shallower water to deeper water. Horizontal movement occurs when the bass are stabilized at a particular depth and tend to move around at a specific depth range, like summer period. Bass often suspend at a comfortable depth, then move horizontal to ares where they feed during the summer period at night for example. Horizontal depth remaining within a 10' or less depth change.

Vertical would be the direction bass are moving during spring and fall, up or down. During the winter or cold water period movement is usually vertical from deeper water to shallower water seeking warmer water and prey, rarely moving horizontal, usually up and down on a daily basis feeding on baitfish. Bass are comfortable with about 30' depth change, without air bladder issues, during vertical movements in the water column. Vertical moving bass usually stay within a smaller area than horizontal moving bass that travel further distances.


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Spring & Fall - Horizontal - Downhill

Winter & Summer - Vertical - Uphill

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