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Best Rig Set Up For Strike King® Super Finesse Worms ?

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Next season I want to look at fishing some finesse worms -  What is the best set up for doing such  -  Spinning reel I assume.


Do people mainly use a shaky head type set up (jig head type set up).  Do they work well T-rigged? What about just simple off-set worm hook style?  

Line? Mono- Flouro or braid?  I've become a big fan of Power Pro braid (have it on my spinning reels, but am thinking about going to floro next season....perhaps I'm missing bites with braid...even though the Power Pro moss green dia seems so small and the lack of any line memory I just love).


THanks for any all advice.

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Do some research, the question is, " How finesse do you want to get?"


I've got several different finesse rigs that I use depending. . . . 


Do you want to go Charlie Brewer style and throw 1/16 to 1/4 slider worms?  Do you want to go even lighter and throw Ned rigs? Go a little heavier and throw quarter ounce or so shaky heads?


You can go mono - or fluorocarbon - or braid with fluorocarbon leader on any of these rigs.


Here are some examples of what I mean.  By no means are these exhaustive or the only word on this subject.  If I had unlimited funds, I would probably have different stuff than what I've got now.


For throwing slider heads on 6 lb test, I currently use a 5'4" Fenwick HMG spinning stick, Med action/ extra fast tip and a smaller Shimano spinning reel.  Most of the time I use this rig as my Ned Rig, substituting 10 lb braid or nanofil tied to a 6 lb fluorocarbon leader.


I've got an older Diawa Light & Tough Finesse spinning rod 6'3", similar action to the Fenwich HMG, that works great for throwing quarter ounce or slightly larger shaky heads on 8 ro10 lb fluorocarbon.  I use a slightly larger spooled spinning reel.  I use straight fluorocarbon, the only time it screws up is when I forget to use line conditioner on it.


You can go a lot heavier and still throw quarter ounce jig heads as far as you want.  Most of the time, I use a 7' Fenwick HMG MH action/Extra fast tip - spinning reel loaded with 14 lb Fireline and a 15 or 20 lb fluorocarbon leader and I don't feel like I'm missing any bites compared to the lighter rig.


There are degrees between these extremes,  I have several different rigs that fit into this category and I use them mostly for guest rods.


If you want to go ultra finesse, look at some Walleye live bait rods in the 6'10" to 8' range, with very soft tips.


You can go bait casting if you feel like it.  A Falcon 6'10" Eakins Jig special - Curado 50 E with 10 lb Abrazx is a very versatile casting rig for baits in the quarter ounce range.

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The anwer is "yes" :)


Weightless, t-rig, dropshot, split-shot rig, carolina rig, wacky rig, shakey head, slider hear, rage rig.  You can fish these straight tail/finesse works in many, many ways.


As far as what rod/reel/line combo -- to me that's largely a function of the rigging you select from the options above, and the cover you're fishing it in.  It can range from a spinning reel with 6-lb test for dropshotting or shakey heading in open water, to a MH/H baitcasting rig with 17 lb test for throwing the worm behind 3/4 oz of lead on a Carolina rig.


Regardless, my preference of line for plastics is fluoro, followed by braid/leader, with mono lost.

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I have had some of the best days ever on finesse worms. I guess it's a split shot rig/Carolina rig. I think it is actually a mojo rig. Just a couple split shots to add a little weight about 12"-18" above it and a very thin wire off set worm hook and slowly drag it back like a c-rig. It is light enough that it rests on top of the weeds and they come up and engulf it.

It is usually a spinning deal for me and 20# braid to a leader.

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Never saw a Super Finesse worm before.  I thought it was a typo until I looked them up.   Seems rather oxymoronic.

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