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Flipping Rod

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What makes a flipping rod, a flipping rod? More specifically, I want to know about the action (taper) and the handle length of an ideal flipping rod. Is either a function of the cover type/ density?


I know how flipping actually originated, but I'm interested in figuring out the modern sub 8 footers marketed as "flipping rods".



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There are a few things that make a good flipping rod but it all depends on the type of cover. I real flipping rod for lets say heavy mat punching needs a lot of backbone and a longer rod would be ideal to have more leverage. Both these factors increase your chances of getting the fish out of the thickest of cover . I would suggest atleast a 7ft 3 in  heavy rod with 65 lb braid . Just remember the longer the rod the better the hookset many people use a 7 ft 11 heavy or mag heavy with a fast tip. Hope this helps !

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The 2 distinct presentations; flipping and pitching have morphs into 1 with 2 names flipping and/or pitching.

Flipping you don't use your reel during the cast, pitching you do and that is the difference.

If you flip a lure, hook the bass and lift it into the boat without using the reel, the rod does all the work.

If you pitch a lure you use the same flip motion except extend the length of the cast by letting line out of the reel, hook the bass and reel line back in, then lift the bass into the boat or dig it out of the weed mate.

You can pitch with any rod strong enough to pull bass out of cover or pull in a wad of weeds around the bass.

To flip you need a longer 8' rod to extend the cast distance, few anglers today flip cast, they pitch or punch using heavy compact punch rigs.

Punch rods are similar to pitch rods, except longer and stronger; 7'6" heavy, fast taper with 65 lb braid and 3/4 to 1 1/2 ounce punch rig or jig.


PS, Jared Lintner has several good video's on TW site on This topic.

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7'6"-8' is the ideal rod length for flipping. Fast action for flipping, moderate fast for punching. I believe the mod-fast is to pin the fish up against a mat while you bring the boat in to lip the fish. Whereas with flipping and pitching, you're immediately bringing it out of cover to open water where you can fight it. 

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