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Light Bait Topwater Rod For Spooks, Pop'rs, Etc

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How would this AllStar Nano Rod be for light topwater applications?  It is a 6'6" Medium XFast?  I am 6'4" but still want shorter than a 7 footer.  It is called a "Hoppin' Jig" rod for some reason..??  On sale at Academy.  What else could I use this for?



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It all depends on how soft the tip is. Medium, extra fast rods are great for any kind of lure you have to use the rod to give it action but it has to have the right amount of limberness in order to do it. A good medium power, extra fast rod for jerkbaits will have a tip that flexes pretty deep, think what the handle on a cane looks like, but a medium power, extra fast jig rod will only flex a little, that rod wouldn't be good for the topwaters you want to use. I do like the length for those type of topwaters, it makes them very easy to work so if that rod doesn't pan out, a medium power, fast action will work for you most of the time.

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I'd get a phenix x10... Great for top water, jerkbaits and small cranks. I even have cheated a little and thrown a strike king 6xd on it... If you get one you won't be disappointed!

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