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Review Of The Molix S65 Popper & Yo-Zuri Sashimi Pencil 100Mm

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I had asked about feedback for this lure about a month ago and it seemed that it was a mystery, so I figured I would post my impressions.....For $10 at Tackle Warehouse, I say it's a good lure, can't say it's a producer yet, but after throwing 2 colors for about 1/2 hour,on a slow day, I did manage 1 fish barely 12".


Lure is small, same size as smallest Chug Bug, Rebel Pop'r, but larger than a Tiny Torpedo since it 65mm. It doesn't have any internals, so it's silent. Based on the You Tube video I had to have this lure & the color patterns, big eyes & shape is unique & look promising. I have high hopes for this lure, especially in clear water/pressured fish situations. It is perfect for target casting without spooking fish on light line as it lands quietly & you can push a lot of water for such a small lure while barely moving it forward. I used an 8lb fluoro leader for one & 6lb mono on the other, and the fluoro gives it more pop, sits lower, and it still walks better than you would expect. Rings are good, has silver hooks that seem to be 1x strong but not the best quality imo, but I could be wrong. I changed them to VMC inline in front & ST-36 for rear in a larger size for the back.


Overall, I would say it looks much prettier than the chug bug in color and shape,it makes a nice compliment to the bug as it is silent and the chug bug and most poppers have rattles or at least a 1 knocker inside. It looks wild with a straight retrieve or hard pull and pause, it makes a ton of commotion for such a small lure. Casting is not an issue or at least has not been so far as it is lighter than expected.


The Yo-zuri Pencil 100mm sashimi series sits completely Horizontal with a dressed treble, walks with sharp cuts and is 1 of the easiest lures to walk even after a long cast & this thing can be thrown a mile on heavy casting gear, has a 1 knocker for sound, vibration ridges for more wake & color change seems to be legit as it has produced well a few times already. The saltwater version has 3x strong silver trebles which I changed on the darker colors, but Yo-zuri comes with legit components imo and for $8.99 this walker is really good & if you like alot of flash, this topwater is impressive & looks + fishes much better than the price tag.


Another good lure if you like a slow rising minnow is the $2.99 Bass Pro version, it rises super slow, doesn't have the best colors, paint chips but it is a great lure for the $. Arched back gives it a wide wobble, 1 suspend strip and it suspends if you big up the hooks and rings....I think it is the older lew's minnow baits, but not 100% positive...



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Nice review!






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I bought one of the S65's back when you were talking about ordering them. Were you casting this on spinning or casting gear? It definitely feels too light to get good range on a casting setup, but I could be wrong.

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