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Eagle Claw 410-413 Hooks.

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Yes there are three alternatives. Mustad #32886 or Mustad #91768 or a 30 degree Gami, will fit that mold.

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The 410 is a 60 degree hook, you can use a Mustad 32786, a Gamakatsu 2014, the Eagle Claw 786 black platinum or BP, the Owner 5304 or the Eagle Claw 111BP. The Gamakatsu 2014 and the Eagle Claw 111BP are EWG style hooks. I almost forgot, the Trokar TK-800 and 835 will fit that mold, there are a ton of options for a 60 degree hook, not much for a 30 degree. All of the hooks I listed are premium quality and while I do like the Eagle Claw Black Platinum, I do not care for the regular 410 hook but the hooks that have a BP next to the number are really good, very similar to Mustad.

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After smalljaw67's post, I forgot that the 410/413 were a 60 degree hook and the hook numbers he mentioned are correct. The only problem is that a 2/0 is the only hook size that will fit in the first two cavities in that style of hook. So if you want a longer shank hook, use the 28/30 hooks I mentioned above. Just another option for you.

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