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I know this is not really electronics, but I'm not sure if Trolling Motors even have a category.  So I will ask my Q's and see what happens


I currently have a #6 awg wire ran for my existing Minn Kota 30 pound thrust trolling motor.  This TM is very old and needs to be replaced.  So I am searching for one online, kinda window shopping at the moment.


Evry TM that I see online does not talk about the amperage draw, nor does it mention wire size required, nor does it mention anything about a required circuit breaker size that is required.  Not sure if those are even technical specifications that they offer.


So, I would like to purchase a 40-50 poound thrust TM but have no clue if my #6 wire is big enough.


Is there any rule of thumb or technical specs I can refer to for this type of information?

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#6 wire is good for any size trolling motor you can buy unless you are running more than 20 feet of wire.

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which im not, id say its no more than 14ft in length


but where are the specs on what size breaker is needed?  wait, the breaker is based off the wire size in this case........


normally you size the wire per the breaker, but im working backwards in this situation.  so i would need a breaker good for 65 amps, right?

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