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Quantum Pt Team Kvd Vs. Pinnacle Performa Xt

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This comparison/poll arises from my quest for a new drop shot and shakey-head set up. I already have the rod picked out as I am incredibly anxious to test the new Fenwick bass tech series. My biggest question is can the new Quantum reels live up to the quality of their older reels or should I buy the less expensive and supposedly more reliable Pinnacle Performa XT? I've fished with older reels from both companies, and back then Quantum's Kinetic reels out fished most other comparable spinning outfits at the time. Infact, my old kinetic would still be working fine had I known back then what I known now regarding reel maintenance. Sadly the clutch bearing is locked up on that reel and needed to be retired. Would love to hear about your experiences with both reels since most of the sites that sell them don't have adequate feedback from customers.

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I'm just curious but with all of the reels available, how did you narrow it down to these two?

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I want to try a reel that hasn't received a lot of attention and also I've already tried most newer products from other big names. Have yet to purchase a new reel from either Quantum or Pinnacle within the last 8 or 9 years. These were the too that landed within my current budget and fit the technique I'm trying to outfit myself for. Abu Garcia doesn't seem to make great spinning reels and I'm excited to see what either, or eventually both of these companies have brought to the table for spinning reels.

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