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I'm looking at getting a jig for bass fishing since everyone speaks so highly of them. I like the football jig head and the okeechobee craw color but everyone always mentions using crawfish as a trailer. Considering there are no crawfish in most of the lakes I fish is that still a good idea? What other trailers and colors do yall use? Any advice is appreciated.

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I'm not sure you can get just one jig.  I don't know anyone who has ever been able to.  Try a couple different heads and different weights and colors.  You don't need 15 to start, but try a couple different ones, at least.  I suggest you start with dark color heads and skirts - brown, green, black, blue or some combination of those.  There's a world of different trailers - experiment and let the bait monkey be your friend.  I'm quite surprised there's no crawfish in any of your waters.  But, it won't matter.  There's no live Rage Structure Bugs in my waters and the bass eat 'em up.  Read through this if you haven't already:


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twin tail grubs 

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I don't fish traditional style bass jigs very often, when I do a Strike King with just about any crawfish trailer has worked well.  I often times take a slightly different route, I do tie my marabou jigs but I like using a saltwater flats jig for bass fishing too.

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